4 Unisex baby shower ideas

4 Unisex baby shower ideas

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There are few things in life that are a surprise nowadays, and that’s why many couples don’t find out the sex of the baby, waiting for the big reveal at birth instead.

Are you organising a baby shower for yourself or a friend without knowing the sex of the little one? While you may not have the option of incorporating a blue or pink theme, know that there are endless unisex styling ideas out there that are simply stunning.

Check out our list of unisex baby shower ideas, including how to use colour, what food to serve and how unisex nappy cakes can inspire your baby shower décor.

1. Let colour guide your theme

So you don’t have blue or pink to play with… don’t despair! The lack of gender-specific colours to use for your baby shower will only serve to fire your imagination.

You can create a visually stunning look that suits both sexes with a black and white theme, a bold single shade like bright yellow or green, or a multi-colour look.

You can also tie in your colour choice with your theme. So if you go for yellow, match it with an animal motif like ducks or bees. You can choose some fun decorations that spell out “What will it bee?” to tease your guests, with yellow and black balloons and vases of yellow flowers dotted about your dessert table. You can even offer cupcakes adorned with little bees or even pots of honey to spread on scones or sponge cakes.

2. Gender-neutral food inspiration

With a gender-neutral theme, you won’t be restricted to cakes shaped liked cars or flowers. This means you can really have some fun with your catering.

Inject some humour into your food offering with biscuits in the shape of onesies, or your chosen animal motif, and carry it on in the centrepiece cake.

Or you could go the other end of the spectrum and opt for a classic timeless look with a table set in elegant white, offset with pops of gold in glitter icing and a few items of tableware in a contrasting colour.

3. The icing on the (nappy) cake

The pièce de resistance has got to be the nappy cake, and there’s no reason why unisex nappy cakes shouldn’t be the star of the show!

If you’re opting for a monochrome theme to fit your gender-neutral remit, a black and white nappy cake will fit in just perfectly. And if you can incorporate a black and white animal, so much the better. Bespoke Baby’s Zebra nappy cake is perfect for this occasion. Incorporating a soft and cosy wrap with zebra design and black baby shoes, it has all the essentials any new parent will need.

So, you have every reason to be inspired by your upcoming unisex baby shower – your imagination is the only limit!