Size Chart - Bespoke Baby Gifts

Size Chart

Baby Rompers

Age (approx) Height (approx)
0-2 months 56cm
2-4 months 62cm
5-7 months 68cm


Age (approx) Height (approx)
0-3 months 59cm
3-6 months 63cm
6-9 months 69cm

Baby Clothes


Age (approx)

Height (approx)
0000 Newborn up to 56cm
000 0-3 months up to 62cm
00 3-6 months up to 68cm
0 6-12 months up to 76cm
1 12- 18 months up to 84cm
2 18 - 24 months  up to 95cm


Baby Sleep Bags


Age (approx)

 Weight (approx)

Height (approx)

Small 3-6 months up to 8kg up to 68cm
Medium 6-12 months up to 11kg up to 76cm
Large 12-18 months up to 15kg up to 90cm


Baby Wraps / Blankets

Type Size
Printed Cotton Wrap 95cm x 95cm
Crochet Cotton Blanket 95cm x 75cm
Ribbed Cotton Wrap 100cm x 75cm
Muslin Cotton Wrap 140cm x 120cm