Baby Play Mats


Baby mats are a must have item in newborn households around Australia. We all know the importance baby play time and to provide a comfortable and enjoyable place for a baby to learn how enjoy tummy time, roll over and rock on all fours.

Baby play is an essential to a baby’s development. As parents we know how important it is for babies to be stimulated and play in a safe and enjoyable environment. That's why we offer a variety of baby mats to suit a variety of Australian homes. Our cute collection of round baby play mats features animal designs.

Cute Baby Padded Play Mat Australia

As new parents, a notable importance is placed on tummy time. Some babies like it, some babies don't. To make tummy time slightly more enjoyable for all, we recommend using a padded play mat. A padded baby mat protects little heads from hard or tiled living room floors as they progress from their tummies to learn how to sit, crawl and stand.

Waterproof Baby Play Mats

A similar emphasis is placed on nappy off time, particularly to soothe painful and disturbing nappy rash. Let's face it, nappy off time can be messy. To help make these important baby developmental tasks easier, we recommend a waterproof baby play mat. These are machine washable with a mild detergent and feature modern mat designs.

A waterproof baby playmat is great for protecting carpeted rooms, beds and to take to friends or family houses for some hands-free tummy time while new parents attempt to maintain a social life and have an adult conversation.

Baby play mats make excellent baby shower gifts or practical (and unique) baby gifts that Mums will love and use. Bespoke Baby's collection of play mats is super convenient and easy to wash and use. Most new Mum's find they need more than one so a newborn can have a play gym or play station in the bedroom, living room and kitchen.

Perfect protection for carpet, beds, in-car changing when you’re on the go or outdoors, these baby mats help make parenting that little bit easier in the early newborn months.

The top layer of our play mats is designed from 100% soft cotton , perfect for your littles ones.