Bespoke Baby Hats Collection

New baby? Then you know just how important it is to keep that cute little head warm and sun protection in the summer time. Babies lose a lot of heat through their little heads, which isn’t very healthy for them. Hats are, therefore, among the essentials in any baby’s wardrobe. Shop for newborn baby hats and kid’s hats from Bespoke Baby. We have an extensive range of hats for newborns to toddlers. We have newborn hats, bucket hats, beanies, sun hats, legionnaire hats, and many headwears for your baby. Some come with chin straps to ensure they stay on your little one's head.

Shop For Everything Baby Headwear

We have an amazing collection of newborn hats designed to keep your precious baby warm and cosy as they grow. Our hats are made of the finest cotton, softer than the Australian clouds, and super plush for optimum comfort. In addition, they come in a fantastic range of beautiful, gentle colours and designs that will make your newborn look chic on their grand arrival.

Baby Beanie Hat Collection

Our selection of beanie hats will have your heart melting at how adorable they are. Our knitted baby girl beanies hats are absolutely adorable. The tiny beanies with sweet detailed designs will keep your baby girl warm as well as looking stylish during the cold winters. Made from the finest Australian wool, they will fit snuggly to keep that little one’s head, ears, and neck super warm. We haven’t forgotten about the baby boy. We have a selection for your baby boy in neutral royal shades. Your little guy will look dapper in one of these.

Newborn Sun Hats

When you are at the beach with your little ray of sunshine, you must remember to protect their sensitive skin from the harmful rays of the sun. We have a stunning collection of baby sun hats made specifically to protect your baby from the sun. Our baby sun hats are made from lightweight, breathable cotton to keep the baby’s head cool and breezy in the heat. In addition, they are designed with wide brims to protect the baby’s neck from the harsh sun and to keep it airy under there.

Stunning Bucket Hats for Your Bundle of Joy

Our bucket hats are similarly made from the finest, light cotton, which is stretchy to ensure a snug fit. They come in a fantastic range of colours and designs for your picking. From floral prints and beach designs to abstract shapes. We have all the designs and prints you could imagine! So grab one today and have that little munchkin looking fantastic on his or her next venture out on the beach.

Baby Legionnaire Hats

Our baby legionnaire hats are an absolute must-have in your baby’s closet. Made from the softest, breathable cotton, they are guaranteed to keep your baby cool in the harsh Australian summer. They are designed to protect your baby’s face, neck, and ears while looking smashing. They come in different sizes, prints, and colours. They are the best choice for babies or toddlers who hate wearing hats. The soft, breathable cotton will keep them so comfortable that they’ll forget they have legionnaire hats on their heads.

Summer Is Coming

Summer is around the corner, so whether you are planning your next trip to the beach with your cute baby or are looking for a unique baby shower gift, Bespoke Baby is your best bet! Check out our stunning collection of baby headwear and grab a few hats for that beautiful baby!