Who organises a baby shower?

Who organises a baby shower?

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Who organises a baby shower?

Traditionally a baby shower was a ceremony to celebrate the expected birth of a child or the transformation of a woman into a mother and only other women were invited.  However, this has changed over time and now baby showers are often attended by both males and females.

Pregnancy is such a joyous occasion, and one that warrants celebrating.  But this then raises the question……..who organises a baby shower? And what is the best baby shower gift for new Mums?

Who organises a baby shower?

If we look back through history, and follow the traditional rules of etiquette, it was firmly frowned upon to organise your own baby shower.  Generally, it was left to a close friend or family member to organise.  This was to avoid the appearance of gift grabbing.

For some families it is important to honour cultural traditions.  The Chinese, for example, celebrate one month after the baby is born.  This is called a manyue – which translates to “full moon”.  The reasoning behind this is that in the past the infant mortality rate was much higher.  So if the baby survived until the next full moon, it was cause to celebrate. This was when the baby was presented to friends and family. In Puerto Rico, a baby shower is celebrated anytime after other family members are made aware of the pregnancy, but typically during the last trimester. The grandmother, sisters, or friends of the pregnant mother organize the celebration and invite other relatives and friends. It is not common for men to attend baby showers. The "bendición" (blessing) is bestowed money and other gifts.  In Italy, baby showers are not customary, nor part of traditional culture.

In today's more modern world though the “traditional” baby shower has changed significantly.  And who organises the baby shower will really depend on your personal preferences, your friendship circles and your families.

Typically, the mother-to-be closest friend will offer to organise a baby shower and the expectant Mum will accept the offer. However there is no right or wrong when it comes to who organises the event. We have heard of proud Dad's-to-be organising the shower for your wife or partner.

Multiple baby showers 

Multiple baby showers are becoming quite the norm. Some people may have several baby showers organised by different people.   For example, colleagues at work may organise a morning tea, or lunch, for the expectant mother.   And then a close Aunt, or the Grandmother to be, may organise a small family baby shower at a high tea place or at someone's home.

Some new mothers to be, who may have a close circle of girlfriends, may take the opportunity to dress up and have a “long lunch” to celebrate.  Albeit without champagne for the mum to be! This is generally organised by one of the closest friends of the mum to be. A great idea for a centrepiece for a long lunch a is a nappy cake.  Maybe the Dads will take the opportunity to go to the pub for the afternoon while the women celebrate in style. 

If family politics are a problem in either family, sometimes it's easier to have separate family baby showers.  These can then be organised by a member from each side.  It is important though, not to let family politics overshadow this special event. 

Today it is quite common for both expectant parents to be included in the baby shower, just as both parents are now present at the birth.  A new baby is a big change to a family, especially if it is the first child, and both parents deserve to celebrate the impending arrival. 

Should you not have someone who is able or willing to organise a baby shower for you, it is perfectly acceptable to organise a baby shower yourself. Particularly if it is going to be a casual ‘BabyQue’ in the back yard for everyone to attend.   Backyard BabyQue’s are becoming increasingly popular.  It is a relaxed way to include lots of people, just don’t be surprised if some of the single men do not want to hear in-depth birth stories!! 

Regardless of who organises the baby shower, and even what sort of baby shower you have, make sure you relax and enjoy it.  It won’t be long until your precious baby is here.

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