March 08, 2022 2 min read

Here it is.... Straight from a genuine and legitimate source! Bespoke Baby's Ultimate Guide on Popular Baby Names in Australia. 

So who is Bespoke Baby? 

We are a brand of baby clothes who are quickly becoming well known for their ability to handcraft unique and stunning baby gifts.

Proudly, we send thousands of gifts each month and extract the names of babies we send gifts too. We take the time to scroll through all our personalised baby gift boxes and personalised baby wall art and every personalised greeting card message to bring you the ultimate guide on trending baby names each month.

There are lots of different baby names, from lots of different backgrounds, with lots of different ways to spell and pronounce them. Choosing a baby name can be tricky, with so many choices. Baby names inspired by a family member, traditional names and some unique girl and boy names.

If you are looking for some inspiration or know someone who is struggling with the "baby name" dilemma, this is your ultimate list of baby girl and boy names. Follow us on Facebook or sign up to our newsletter for the monthly name releases xx

Popular Girl Names for January 2022

Lots of baby girl presents and gifts were sent in January and the most popular recipients were Charlotte, Georgia & Isabella. 

Baby Names | Girls January 2022

Popular Boy Names for January 2022

We had an abundance of gifts and presents sent out for boys in January and the top baby boys' names were Charlie, Jordan & Lucas. 

Baby Names | Boys January 2022

Popular Baby Girl Names for February 2022

February saw some changes in the most popular names with Matilda out in first place and Ava and Olivia not far behind. 

Baby Names | Girls February 2022

Popular Baby Boy Names for February 2022

The boys had more variations in names for February and for this month the most popular name was Liam, and then Billy, Callum, James, Noah, Rafael and Thomas not far behind. 

Baby Names | Boys February 2022

Popular Girl Names for March 2022

In March, Mia was the stand-out baby girls name. Charlotte, Ellie and Millie were also popular names for girls. I wonder which name will end up being the most popular for 2022?

Baby Names | Girls March 2022

Popular Baby Boy Names for March 2022

The most popular boys name for March was Jack. At a glance, this name appears to be taking the lead for the most popular boys name in 2022 however there are other close contenders (and it is only month 3, with 9 more to go).

Other baby boys names that were popular, Max, William, Sebastian, Noah and George. See the full list for March below

Baby Names | Boys March 2022

Popular Girl Names for April 2022

Olivia, Sadie, Harper, Ava & Ruby were all popular in April. We love seeing all the names and different ways to spell similar names. We particularly like seeing a mix of girly names and a swing towards gender-neutral or names typically used for boys, like Billie, Frankie & Stevie. We love these as girls names!

Baby Names | Girls April 2022


Popular Boys Names for April 2022

Traditional names are the winners in April with Thomas, William, Alexander, Henry & Jack all with a x4 next to them. However Archie and Noah are the winners in April 🥰

Baby Names | Boys April 2022

Check back with us for the most popular names to come for every month of 2022!