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You can't stop teething, but you can make it slightly less painful for everyone involved.

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A silicone teether toy or silicone and beech wood teething toys are designed to massage and soothe sore gums. Rest assured knowing our selection of baby teethers are BPA free, 100% food grade silicone that are safe for your baby to chew on.

Silicone Baby Teethers Soft Baby Toys Australia

Let's talk baby teething toys!

When your baby reaches teething stage it can be one of the most challenging times for both baby and parents. Your baby is uncomfortable, is constantly grizzly and you feel almost helpless (and tired from sleepless night).

The best teething toys or teething rings are easy to grip and hold by little hands and fingers. The easier the toy is to hold, the longer it will clutch and provide entertainment while developing essential fine motor skills.

Here at Bespoke baby, we stock some of the best teethers for babies in Australia from trusted and well-known Australian brands, as well as our very own brand of teething toys.

Soft Newborn Baby Toys That Make Babies Smile

Our adorable baby toy collection features cute little bears, crocodiles, unicorns, dinosaurs, giraffes, bunnies, koala's and more.

Newborn babies don't need educational toys until they have developed some skills. The best newborn baby toys are ones that have textures, like wooden toys, fabric toys, knitted toys and sounds suchs as rattles and crinkles. Many well-known toy manufacturers are making eco-friendly toys which is great for the environment and the world your little one will grow up in.

You never know what toy your baby will connect with and choose as their first snuggle buddy. Baby Toys are like friends and some infants form an inseparable tight bond a favourite toy and it's magical watching their imagination and their little friend play.

Baby Bath Toys

Make bath times fun with an array of different toys. Everyone knows that rubber ducky's make bath time fun, however these days there's a huge range of baby bath time toys like; suction toys, bath tub markers, swimmers and more.

Don't forget the use good quality baby skin care products such as Gaia Naturals sleep time baby bath wash or Thankyou baby bath milk. For a complete baby skin care regime, browse our collection of products suitable from birth.