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Baby Sleeping Bag and Baby Swaddle

Essential Baby Sleeping Bags

Our collection of arms out summer sleep sacks are made from 100% pure cotton which is lightweight and breathable, Bespoke Baby brand baby sleep sack are a .3 TOG rating making them ideal for warm nights. You can dress Bub in just a nappy or for a little extra warmth a short sleeve or long sleeve bodysuit underneath.

Baby Swaddle Wrap Range

Most newborn babies love been swaddled because it reminds them on been in the confined space of Mums belly. Our parenting experience has taught us to pick our battles and the ease of using a baby velcro swaddle takes some of the pressure off getting a swaddle just right to alleviate any potential sleep distractions.


Whether you’re choosing for a bouncing baby boy or a beautiful baby girl, our range of designs offers something to suit every taste. The Bespoke Baby collection of swaddles and sleep sacks features classic patterns such as stripes and stars in gender-neutral colours as well as more contemporary animal prints showcasing favourites like dinosaurs and flamingoes. 

Combining style with functionality, our baby sleep sacks are a safe alternative to cot blankets and bedding. They’re intelligently designed to allow for easy night-time nappy changes thanks to the two-way zip and ensure baby’s comfort with a protective material layer to prevent the zip from rubbing and causing irritation. Newborn babies are unable to regulate their body temperature as we can, so they can become hot or cold quickly. Using a sleep sack enables them to stretch and move around in their sleep naturally without the risk of them becoming too hot or cold as they might do with a traditional cot blanket if it were to move upwards or slip down. 

Heard Of Baby Sleeping Bags? Check Out Our Collection!

Baby sleep sacks are a step up from swaddling. They’re made from thicker material than swaddling wraps, but still maintain that comforting sense of being contained. 

When babies learn to roll over, sleeping sacks minimise the need for loose blankets and allow babies to move as they learn to move their arms and legs.

Both swaddles and sleeping sacks are perfect baby presents for new parents or an upcoming age milestone. Velcro sleeping sacks have the added bonus of avoiding fiddly buttons or zippers that can get stuck with wear and tear. 


If you’re shopping online for the ideal baby shower gift, our baby swaddle sets could be just what you’re looking for. Complete with a matching hat, these velcro baby swaddles are simple for first-time parents to adjust to and offer lightweight, breathable protection and comfort for newborns. 

Our swaddles and sleep sacks also make a great addition if you’re thinking of creating your own customisable new baby gift box for a loved one. You can find a selection of items to add to your bespoke hamper here, including presents for the soon-to-be or new parents as well as baby!

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