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Baby Swaddles and Sleeping Bags

Muslin and Velcro Baby Swaddles for Newborns

Bespoke Baby swaddles and sets are designed to help make wrapping your newborn baby easy and to encourage good night's sleep for everyone. Combining style with functionality, our gorgeous range of quality baby boy swaddles and baby girl swaddles made from 100% cotton.

Our no scratch velcro swaddle wraps have been designed to keep your little one snug as a bug and reduce startle reflex. They are easy to use and versatile.

They can be used to have arms down or arms free. Using a baby sleeping bag prevents your little one from throwing of the blankets and help moderate their sleeping temperature throughout the night. Another benefit of velcro baby swaddle bags are they don't have fiddly buttons or zippers that can get stuck with wear and tear. 

Whether you’re choosing for a bouncing baby boy or a beautiful baby girl, our range of designs offers something to suit every taste. Our collection of soft and breathable newborn baby wraps and sleep sacks features classic and trendy designs.

Most newborn babies love been wrapped because it reminds them on been in the confined space of Mums belly. Mastering traditional method wrapping your baby using muslin as a swaddle or cotton wrap is not as easy as midwives make it look. Remember no two babies are the same and you might need to try a couple of different newborn swaddle and techniques before the perfect one for your baby.

When babies learn to roll over, it's time to stop swaddling and start using sleeping sacks or sleep suits minimise the need for loose blankets and allow babies to move as they learn to move their arms and legs.

Baby sleep sacks are a step up from swaddling. When you baby starts rolling over, it is time to ditch the muslin swaddle and move to a baby sleep bag with arms out. They are designed to cover the babies legs but still maintain that comforting sense of being covered.

Our collection of super soft arms free summer sleep sacks are made from 100% cotton which are lightweight and breathable, Bespoke Baby brand baby sleep sack are a .3 TOG rating making them ideal for warm nights. You can dress Bub in just a nappy or for a little extra warmth a short sleeve or long sleeve bodysuit underneath.

Here is a quick how to wrap a newborn swaddle video

If you’re shopping online or have questions about ordering or delivery of swaddles in Australia, we are here to help. You can read a articles about baby sleep and wrapping techniques.