Brand Rep Terms and Conditions

Calling All Brand Enthusiasts & Brand Ambassadors

Do you want to join our team? Here's what’s involved when you become a Bespoke Baby Brand Rep, Brand Enthusiast and/or Brand Ambassador

  • We want you to love Bespoke Baby & Kids as much as we do, and we want you to show it through genuine enthusiasm and love for the brand in comments and posts on Instagram
  • Get involved, actively comment and endorse any post that feature or contain Bespoke Baby & Kids  products on other people’s post feeds or stories.
  • Engage with our feed, not just your images that we publish and promote on our feed
  • Test Products and give helpful advice on fit, style, loves / could improves
  • Promotes the brand on your own Instagram tagging and mentioning Bespoke Baby & Kids in the content. As well as using relevant hashtags i.e #bespokebaby #bespokebabyclothes #bespokebabyandkids
  • Taking clear, crisp, true to colour and professional looking photos. Taking into account backgrounds and other items in frame. We prefer filters are applied AFTER the image is taken, not selected on the camera before snapping away.
  • Any images provided to us via email, Dropbox or that Bespoke Baby & Kids has been tagged in, you authorise us to use, without permission, on social media accounts and website.


  • Approved Brand Reps / Brand Enthusiasts will receive a 30% OFF discount code.
  • With this code, you can purchase up to 5 items of your choice.
  • AFTER you have completed 'The Requirements', we will REFUND you the 70% OUT OF POCKET expenses.


  • Australian & New Zealand residents only
  • TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR CASH BACK, for each product you must provide
    • 2 x tagged feed post per clothing item
    • 2-3 stories per clothing item.
    • We must be tagged in the image AND mentioned in the content / caption. You must use 3 x hashtags #bespokebaby #bespokebabyclothes #bespokebabyandkids
    • Provide 3 x HI RES images or videos for each product. These images should not look all the same. They should have different backgrounds, different angel, different action shot.
    • Images will need to be provided via dropbox, wetransfer or email. These are all free services and allow HI RES images to be sent / received.
  • Public Instagram accounts or if private, a following of 3K or more
  • Active on social media
  • Must be the legal parent or have parent/guardian permission to use photography of children being provided.
  • Use clever and engaging captions/tags, call to actions in your description to encourage discussion and engagement in your posts
  • Photos must be clear and crisp with a strong focus on the product.
  • We have the right to refuse cash-back if all the above requirements are not met / the photos cannot be used by us for our own social media / website or advertising purposes.

What Brand Reps Gets in Return        

  • We will post you out your items in chosen sizing. You can photograph outfits in full Bespoke Baby and also mix with other brands
  • Awesome discount for you, family and your followers
  • The first to be able to get the range of new season styles
  • Our unwavering support in anything you need
  • Our help in growing your own feed and platform
  • Lots of love and appreciation

Final note

As Mum’s we have learnt to always be open to discussions and negotiations to make and keep everyone happy. If you have any concerns about the above, just let us know!

Want to join the team? Get in contact with us;

Instagram: @BespokeBaby
Facebook: @BespokeBaby

Phone: 1300 332 229