Brand Rep Terms and Conditions

Calling All Brand Reps and Brand Ambassadors

Do you want to join our team? Here's what’s involved when you become a Bespoke Baby Brand Rep or Brand Ambassador

  • We want you to love Bespoke Baby as much as we do, and we want you to show it through genuine enthusiasm and love for the brand in comments and posts on Instagram
  • Get involved, actively comment and endorse any post that feature or contain Bespoke Baby products on other people’s post feeds or stories.
  • Engage with our feed. Not just your images that we publish and promote on our feed
  • Test Products and give helpful advice on fittings and styles
  • Promotes the brand on your own Instagram tagging Bespoke Baby and using relevant hashtags
  • Taking clear, crisp, true to colour and professional photos. Taking into account backgrounds and other items in frame. We prefer square style images
  • Any images provided to us via email, Dropbox or that Bespoke Baby has been tagged in, you authorise us to use, without permission, on social media accounts and website.


Number of items (calendar month)

Promotion through YOUR audience (per month)

Minimum no. of images to be supplied to us (per month)

1 item

2 posts (1 x Story and 1 x Feed)

4 images + 1 video

2 items

3-4 posts (1 x Story and 3 x Feed)

6 images + 1 video

3 items

4-5 posts (2 x Story and 3 x Feed)

8 images + 2 videos

4 items

6 posts (2 x Story and 4 x Feed)

10 images + 2 videos

Note: The more images you provide us to use on our socials and website the more opportunities you are giving us to tag and promote you!

What Brand Reps Gets in Return        

  • We will post you out your items in chosen sizing. You can photograph outfits in full Bespoke Baby and also mix with other brands
  • Awesome discount for you, family and your followers
  • The first to be able to get the range of new season styles
  • Our unwavering support in anything you need
  • Our help in growing your own feed and platform
  • Lots of love and appreciation

Requirements from brand rep (Bespoke Baby)

  • Australian residents only
  • Public Instagram accounts only
  • Minimum of 2-month contract
  • Active on social media
  • If you are pregnant come on as a brand rep for our Baby Gifts. You are unable to represent an additional personalised gift company during the period of your contract
  • Must be the legal parent or have parent/guardian permission to use photography of children being provided
  • Post photos at time that is high traffic for your account
  • Use clever and engaging captions/tags, call to actions in your description to encourage discussion and engagement in your posts
  • Photos must be clear and crisp
  • First story to be posted within 7 days of receiving product
  • Permissions to be granted to Bespoke Baby to use photos taken during contract period for all social media, marketing and website
  • Comment, like and share Bespoke Baby posts and announcements and product promotions
  • Email or Dropbox original images to Bespoke Baby

Role Exception and Communication

  • We get it! Life Happens! If you are unable to provide your post and images in the time frame agreed upon, we ask that you contact us ASAP so we are able to work on making alternative arrangements while you are out of action.
  • If you choose to cancel agreement without 14 days notification, you will be asked to return Bespoke Baby products in acceptable condition and be liable for return postage
  • If you chose to cancel agreement, you will also forfeit all benefits offered to our brand reps including cancelation of your discount code
  • If you encounter any issues with our products upon delivery, please contact us within 24 hours so that replacement items can be dispatched
  • Social Media can be a crazy place! If a post or story receive negative comments during your contract, please direct message us immediately as we would like to offer as much assistance as possible to ensure we all have a positive experience!
  • We have the right to withdraw you from the at contract anytime, without question if we find you do not adhere to terms and conditions

Final note

As Mum’s we have learnt to always be open to discussions and negotiations to make and keep everyone happy. If you have any concerns about the above, just let us know!

Want to join the team? Get in contact with us;

Instagram: @BespokeBaby
Facebook: @BespokeBaby

Phone: 1300 332 229