Did you know... Facts About Newborn Babies

Did You Know.... Weird Newborn Baby Facts

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Weird Newborn Baby Facts

Did you know, a newborn baby doesn’t cry tears? If you’re looking for some other weird baby facts, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll go over a few other fun facts about babies that may surprise you.

As a new parent, you can be sure of one thing, your infant is going to be full of surprises. From weird baby sleep habits to the never-ending questions about poop, let’s learn more about your sweet new addition.

1. Infants Don’t Shed Tears

The fact that infants don’t shed tears may sound strange. They seem to cry all the time. If you look into their eyes, you actually won’t see any tears. If you think they are fake crying, rest assured, they won’t learn this until well into toddlerhood.

A baby’s tear ducts aren’t fully developed at birth. While there are enough tears to keep their eyes moist, there aren’t enough that you’ll see them pour down their face. You’ll see teardrops around three or four weeks old.

2. Babies Only See in Black and White

Have you ever wondered why some baby toys are made in black and white? Newborn babies can only see in black and white. By three months old, they will see the full range of colours. 

3. Babies Feel Empathy

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were all more like a baby? Babies and toddlers can actually feel empathy. You’ll notice your six-month-old will give you a smile back when you smile at them.

If you stare at a baby without making a smile or an expression, they will also show distress. If mum or dad is upset, even a baby as young as ten months will show concern.

4. Your Baby Has an Accent When They Cry

Even though a baby can’t speak, when they cry, you’ll notice an accent. A baby will cry in their native language from birth. This is because they can hear sounds and voices from the womb.

Listening to mum means they pick up on the accent and inflexion in your voice. French babies, for example, have cries that tilt up. A German baby will cry intensely and then stop abruptly. This is similar to how the German language sounds.

The stronger your accent, the stronger the variation will be from baby to baby. Let’s say, there is a baby born in Ireland and Australia. The cry will have a slight variation but not nearly as much as a baby born in Spain.

5. They Only Focus 8-12 Inches Away From Your Face

At birth, your baby won’t be able to see very far away. Don’t worry if your newborn doesn’t focus on you right away or look at things from a distance. Each month your baby’s vision will improve.

6. A Baby’s First Poop Won’t Smell

As new parents, you’ll be amazed at how much time you spend looking at, analyzing, and talking about poop. The first couple of poops your baby has, however, won’t smell. Maybe it is Mother Nature’s way of giving us a few days before the aroma sets in.

The reason your baby’s poop doesn’t smell is that their bowels don’t have bacteria in them yet. The first poop only has meconium in them. These diapers will look like they have tar in them. It’s pretty shocking if you aren’t expecting it.

7. Baby Have More Bones that Adults

An adult has 206 bones, but a newborn baby has nearly 300 bones in her body. This is because babies have more flexible cartilage (a firm tissue softer than bone) in the body. As the child grows, some of the cartilage hardens and turns to bone, and some bones fuse together.

8. Babies Often Prefer What Mum Ate While Pregnant or Breastfeeding

When your baby is in the later stages of pregnancy, they can start to taste the same foods mum is eating. The same goes for breastfeeding. The food and drinks mom ate or drank while breastfeeding is often tasted in breastmilk.

Your baby may show a preference for these foods as they start to try solid foods. This could carry through until adulthood.

9. A Baby’s Hair Colour Changes

Be careful not to get too attached to the colour of your baby’s locks when they are first born. Many babies lose their hair. This is because of hormonal changes.

When a baby’s hair grows back, it’s often a different colour. These hormones are also responsible for mum having thick, luscious hair while pregnant, and losing it after the baby is born.

10. Your Baby Will Shed Their Skin

Your baby is in amniotic fluid for roughly nine months. When they are on the inside, they develop an outer layer of skin that will peel off over a couple of weeks. This is why a baby skin care routine and baby skin care products such as Gaia baby massage oil are a must-have for all newborns.

11. They Don’t Have Kneecaps

Although it seems strange, babies are actually born without kneecaps. It will look as though they do because they have cartilage in the same place. They won’t develop kneecaps until six months old.

12. Babies Quadruple in Size

In the first few weeks and years of life, your baby is growing quickly. So fast in fact, that they will quadruple their size in the first few years. In the first six months alone, your baby’s weight will double.

Don’t worry, your baby’s growth will slow after two years. Make sure to stock up on plenty of clothes to keep up with every growth spurt. 

Weird Newborn Baby Facts

Your new baby is going to throw you curveballs. Knowing a few of these weird newborn facts might save you some surprises in those early days.

From what to expect in a nappy to how a baby tastes what mum eats during pregnancy, these fun-facts are just a few of the many you’ll learn along the way. 


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