How to Cover a Baby Gift Without Wrapping Paper?

How To Cover a Baby Gift Without Wrapping Paper. Bespoke Baby Gifts

Nicolette Harris |

How to Cover a Baby Gift Without Wrapping Paper?

It’s funny how when purchasing baby shower gifts we can put so much thought and effort into the actual gift but sometimes little to no thought into the gift wrapping. You don’t necessarily have to buy wrapping paper though, wrapping paper will just end up in the refuse and is unhealthy for the environment. Instead, you can get creative with various supplies common in every home to come up with a unique, breathtaking, memorable gift wrap.

Whether you're naturally crafty or not there are many alternatives to traditional wrapping paper available. We have put together a list of 10 beautiful yet simple ways to wrap a baby shower gift. 

1. Brown Paper and Home-Made Stamps

One of the easiest ideas is to reuse brown paper from your grocery shopping or buy it at the store. To give it a funky edge, use a potato cut in half and carve out a pattern of your choice. Then, with a little ink or paint, stamp out a pattern on the brown paper. You can also use craft paper for this project. Get creative with patterns, abstract art, or fun words.

2. Chalkboard Paper

If you want to be more creative, you can download and print chalkboard paper or buy it online quite cheaply. By using chalk pens you can have fun decorating it with personalised shapes, words, quotes, and messages. 

3. Colourful Fabric

Colourful fabric is one of my favourite ways on how to wrap a baby gift without wrapping paper. With a swatch of fabric or maybe fabric cut from unused cloth, you can make your gift truly special. For a standard square box, cut the material carefully into a size that will fit the box, lay it out, and put the box in the centre. Next, wrap up the box and tie it at the top.

If you don’t want an unsightly knot, you can cut the fabric to shape with some sharp scissors and use tacks or safety pins instead to hold the fabric together. Then, use pretty ribbons to finish it up. This method is perfect for wrapping nappy cakes.

4. Use a Scarf

Using a scarf for wrapping gifts is one of the most innovative and practical methods available. You get to give to both the mother-to-be and baby at the same time. Buy a nice scarf with the gift and wrap it up to have two gifts in one. Or, if you have a scarf you've been wanting to donate or give away, wrap the gift with it for a double advantage. Repurposing unused items is a great choice for the environment. 

5. Colourful Yarn

With a little bit of time and yarn in different colours, you can make some truly unique gifts. For example, you can put your presents in a box and tie it round several times with yarn of different colours for a wonderful rainbow pattern. It’s perfect if you already have some extra yarn lying around. If you are a little on the creative side you could even try your hand at creating some yarn pom poms or knitting/crocheting the yarn into a bow design. 

6. Old Newspapers

You can give your old newspapers a second lease of life by reusing them as gift wrappers. To break up the boring newsprint pattern, use crayons, highlighters, and colouring pens to create some patterns. Another way to jazz up the design is to wrap in newspaper then using a strip of brown/craft paper as a belli band. 

7. Foil

When you have to wrap up a gift on the fly without much warning, grab shiny aluminium foil and wrap it up generously. Use a brightly-coloured ribbon to finish up the look and you’re good to go. This way, even common baby shower gifts like a baby hamper will instantly attract attention at the shower party.

8. Glitter and Glue

Do you know what attracts even more attention than shiny foil? Glitter! Get playful with this fun simple project that you can do with any kind of paper. Find some paper scraps around the house, wrap the gift, and spread glue lightly on it. With the glue still wet, lightly spread glitter on the gift for a truly eye-catching effect. Be mindful that when using glitter it will magically reappear in various places around your house for weeks to come. It gets everywhere! 

9. Printables

With a printer and paper, you can print a custom gift wrapper of choice. Some people print out custom images, others playful word puzzles, inspirational or funny messages, or even a word search or crossword. The options are endless here. 

10. Use an Old Map

Does your friend travel? Use an old map. Are they an engineer? Use an old blueprint. Maths tables, book pages, magazine pull out pages … the options are endless. 

When it comes to gift wrapping really the only limit is your imagination. We hop you find these 10 ideas on how to wrap a baby gift without wrapping paper useful. At the end of the day i’m sure the recipient will be happy and thankful no matter how its wrapped. 

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