How To Plan a Baby Shower: Your Baby Shower Planning Guide

How To Plan a Baby Shower: Your Baby Shower Planning Guide

Amy Waterworth |

How To Plan a Baby Shower: Your Baby Shower Planning Guide

What an honour it is to get to plan a friend or loved ones baby shower. While being an honour it is also a lot of responsibility as this day is something the mother-to-be will remember for years to come. It’s up to you to make it a day to remember. To help you with this task, here is a step by step baby shower planning guide to ensure that your baby shower will be an amazing day for all who are involved.

     Gather Crucial Information

A baby shower is all about the mum and her baby, so once you accept the role of planning you need to do some consultation with the parents. You will need to find out the gender of the baby if known, decide on a theme, and perhaps organise a baby shower gift registry.


You don’t need to involve the potential mother in this, especially if you plan for it to be a surprise. You can decide on a theme suited to the mothers taste. A good tip is to see if she has purchased any nursery prints and wall art and go with a theme similar. However, involving her will help you to plan the decorations, invitations, party favours, etc and be sure that she will love your choices.


    Send Out Invitations

When you have settled on a theme you can start on your guest list and sending out invitations.

When creating the guest list have the venue in the back of your mind. The size of the venue may limit the amount of guests you can invite. Also make sure and send out your invitations with plenty of notice to ensure family or friends who have to travel have adequate time to make arrangements.


You can either DIY your invitations or order invitations to suit your theme. If ordering invitations it is a good idea to order matching thank you cards at the same time.

     Plan the Venue and Catering

Even though you’re the host, you don’t have to use your house for the party although it can be a more budget friendly option. You can book a venue such as a restaurant, bowling alley, a park, or other appropriate places. Some baby shower parties are even held in the office - that’s one way to plan a baby shower with minimal expense and build teamwork.


The venue will need to be well prepared, so plan and order decorations early on. Classic baby shower decoration ideas are based on themes with supplies such as balloons, wall art, paper lanterns, crepe paper, and more.


Did you know that you can also make the centrepiece out of baby shower gifts? It helps save time and money while looking fabulous. This idea also helps to reduce waste as the gifts will be used rather than decorations that may be thrown out afterwards.

     Baby Shower Schedule Ideas

The actual day of the baby shower needs careful planning as you don’t want guests to be bored or not know what to do with themselves. Such occasions can be super-awkward for the attendees, especially if you have a mix of people who don’t already know each other.


One way to pass the time and get people interacting is to have baby shower games with prizes as part of your baby shower planning guide. There are lots of games that people can play including card games, board games, simple mind games, among many others.


    Make it Memorable: How to Plan a Baby Shower

Even the smallest things can make or break a baby shower, so it is crucial to plan it to the last detail. One of the things that make the centre of attention is the baby shower cake. You can get really creative with this, and cakes form not only a great dessert but a memorable centrepiece. However unless you’re a master baker leave this to a professional. The last thing you need on the morning of a baby shower is the stress of finishing off cake decorating.


 A diaper cake, while it certainly can’t be eaten, can make a stunning centrepiece. There are many reason as to why you may not need an actual cake on the day. For convenience sake a lot of people choose cupcakes or other forms of dessert. By having a nappy cake you can have a cake represented while also being functional and stylish. You can order a nappy cake ready-make from Bespoke Baby in Australia to suit the theme of your baby shower. 


As you make the memories, remember to save them. As you go about planning a baby shower, make sure to have an official photographer. This doesn't necessarily have to be a professional but just assign it to a single person to ensure all the special moments are captured for the mother to be. And, most important of all on the special day, don’t forget to have fun!