New Baby Swaddle Invention: A Must-Have for Every New Mum

New Baby Swaddle Invention: A Must-Have for Every New Mum

Rossi Alexander |

One of the most widely recognised and timeless parenting tips to help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is correctly swaddling your infant up tight for the night and laying them on their back.

Wrapping your little one in a baby swaddle eliminates the need for blankets or pillows in the crib, reducing suffocation hazards. It also helps infants sleep soundly while on their back.

A baby swaddle wrap will soothe your child by making them feel held. They help your baby stay asleep longer and aid in preventing startle reflex that can cause interruptions during your baby's sleep cycles.

Baby Swaddle Wraps

When it's the middle of the night, and you are low on sleep, the last thing you want to do is struggle with a difficult swaddle or wrap. What's more, poorly constructed swaddles can come undone, which can be dangerous and defeats the purpose of this essential protective measure.

To keep your baby swaddled all night, you will want to consider a swaddle wrap. There are a number of options for specially designed wraps that make swaddling a baby quick, easy, and secure.

Burrito Baby Multiway Swaddle

One of the newest and most versatile swaddles is the Burrito Baby Multiway Swaddle, available from the Bespoke Baby online shop. This unique and delightful swaddle is designed with your baby's growth rate in mind. While most swaddles are fixed in size and shape, the Burrito Baby Multiway Swaddle has pre-folded corners and armholes that allow you to wrap your little darling with arms up or down.

This dynamic swaddle also has your night time struggles in mind. There are glow-in-the-dark instructions to ensure you start right side up!
Made with lush, high-quality cotton and spandex, the Burrito Baby Multiway Swaddle is unbelievably soft and will make your baby feel snug without feeling constricted. It makes the once tedious process of folding and tucking simple, secure, and sustainable as your baby sizes out of other purchases.

Good Parenting Made Easier

Caring for an infant is no easy task, especially for first-time parents. The process becomes much easier with the proper knowledge and tools.

Bespoke Baby is committed to providing mums and dads with proven high-quality products to ensure that you have the absolute best support in raising your young one.

Check out our store for baby swaddles and other quality items available for delivery in Australia.