Practical Tips for Buying Baby Clothes


Nicolette Harris |

Buying baby clothes is a lot of fun when you enjoy browsing all of the cute options. It can also be tricky if you've never done it before. Whether you're buying for your own baby or getting a gift for someone else, you probably have a budget you want to stick to. There are several different factors to consider when buying baby clothes. 

You should consider comfort, safety, and practicality, and that's before you start thinking about how cute anything looks.

If you're not sure where to start, here are some of our best tips for buying baby clothes to help you make the best choices.

1. Buy Different Sizes

One of the best pieces of advice for purchasing clothes for a newborn baby (or older babies) is to buy different sizes. Babies grow at an impressive pace, and they outgrow their clothes in no time at all. It's really disappointing when they outgrow something that you love, especially if you can no longer buy it in larger sizes. Purchasing any item that you like in multiple sizes ensures you can keep sizing up as your baby gets bigger.

When you're looking at different sizes, you might find that they vary depending on brand. Of course, not all babies are the same size or weight at the same age. That's why it's important to check size charts and see where your baby fits. Our baby clothes come in three different sizes to fit newborns to 12 months.

2. Easy to Put on & Take Off Clothes

There are so many cute newborn baby clothes out there, and it can be a lot of fun to dress babies in sweet outfits. But before you start thinking about what they look like, practicality has to come first. Parents want baby clothes that are easy to put on and take off. Babies are wriggly little things, and the right clothes can make it a lot easier to get them dressed and undressed.

Some things to look for include clothes you can simply pull on and off, clothes that open out, and easy fastenings. If you can avoid fiddling with buttons or having to squeeze your baby into small openings, you can prevent a lot of fuss. Look for zippers, snap fasteners, and hook-and-loop fastenings (Velcro) over more difficult options. Try our baby rompers with zippers that open out all the way down the leg or bodysuits with snap fasteners.

3. Materials Matter

Your choice of materials is another big factor when choosing baby clothes. You want materials that are comfortable and breathable while also being hard-wearing and easy to clean. You really can't go wrong with cotton for most baby clothes, as it is breathable and soft fabric. Cotton jersey knit is another popular choice which has some stretch to it for comfort and ease. 


Keeping things simple is often the best way to buy baby clothes. You can still find plenty of cute options that are practical too. Bespoke Baby has a wonderful range of cotton baby clothes, from rompers to bodysuits, leggings to shorts. All of our baby clothes are designed by mothers, so you can rest assured they are made with quality in mind.