Pregnancy: 10 Weird Facts and 5 Myths Busted

Pregnancy: Weird Facts and Myths Busted. Bespoke Baby Gifts

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Ah, pregnancy. That blissful, special time in a woman's life when all the stars align and everything feels magical and meant to be.

Yes, but pregnancy also comes with a huge array of stranger-than-fiction facts and age-old myths that still influence many women to this day.

If you think about it, it's actually pretty understandable. After all, you are literally growing an entire human being in your belly. And in a few months, life as you knew it will change forever!

So, if you are curious about what weird things to expect when you're expecting, then we hope you enjoy this article. We reveal the ten strangest facts and the five most popular myths around pregnancy.

1. Smell That?

Maybe you've already noticed it, but during pregnancy, your sense of smell becomes incredibly more receptive. It's believed that this is an evolutionary response to keep mums-to-be safe from potential food hazards that may harm them and their babies. Everyone is different but it is not uncommon for a pregnant women to feel quite queasy in the stomach with certain smells.

2. A Big, Big Heart

Not so much in the first trimester but later on, your body has more blood. This may make your heart get bigger in pregnancy, and not just because you're already in love with your little one. Medically-speaking, your heart pumps a lot more blood in order to provide life to your baby. This, in turn, makes your heart physically grow bigger!

3. Baby Brain it is real?

Yes, baby brain is real! Although nobody knows for sure what causes it, it's probably down to a combination of hormones, tiredness, stress, and trouble sleeping.

4. Constipation

It's sh!t but it's true, in the first trimester you are likely to suffer from constipation. Those crazy hormonal changes are the culprits, in particular higher levels of the progesterone hormone in your body. It may also be from the extra iron in found in prenatal or pregnancy vitamins. But don't worry, things get moving in the second and third trimester and there are some tablets you can take to get some relief.

5. Feeling Like Big Foot?

A mix of increased blood and flow, hormones, and weight gain can not only cause your feet to swell but can even make them grow an extra size! Oh well, look at it as a good excuse to shop for a new pair of comfy shoes.

6. Excess Saliva Is a Real Thing

Are you feeling like a Saint Bernard, constantly dribbling without really knowing why? Well, this is another normal (but pretty odd) pregnancy fact. The culprit, once again, could be the crazy hormone mix rushing through your body.

7. What's That Line?

The closer you get to the end of your pregnancy, the more you might start to notice something on your belly. It's called linea nigra, and it's a dark, straight line that connects your belly button to your pelvis. Not all women develop it, but if you are one of them then rest assured that it's absolutely normal and will disappear overtime after birth.

8. Lactation Can Start Right Now

Another stranger-than-fiction pregnancy fact: you may start producing colostrum, the very first type of breast milk, even before your baby is born. So, invest in (and wear!) breast pads. Don't be alarmed if you see small drops leaking from your breasts during the second or third trimester.

9. I Know What You're Eating, Mummy!

Did you know that your baby can have a taste of what you're eating? Yes, because the amniotic fluid that surrounds them can change "flavour" according to what's on your menu! Keep that in mind next time you think about what to cook for dinner.

10. Pregnancy Symptoms for Two

This might annoy you, but it's now been proven: partners can develop symptoms that mimic yours! This is believed to happen due to somatisation, hormonal changes, and feelings of attachment towards the mother and the unborn baby. Just because it is proven, doesn't mean it happens. Don't be disappointed if your partner shows non of your pregnancy signs.

Pregnancy Myths (Debunked)

So what about the myths, then? Here are five of the most common ones that we are going to debunk for you.

1. Is Eating for Two Really a Thing?

Probably the most common pregnancy myth is around "eating for two". However, doctors have clarified that, whilst eating some extra calories is a given as your body is working harder to grow a second human, there is absolutely no need to actually DOUBLE what you're eating!

2. Sweet and Savoury Cravings

Another popular myth around guessing the gender is based on pregnancy cravings. Just because you fancy sweet snacks doesn't mean you're having a girl. Or if you prefer something savoury, this does not mean you're expecting a little boy. You may find yourself craving weird things that you would ordinarily desire, just Google, weird pregnancy cravings for some entertainment.

3. Morning Sickness Only in the Morning?

The dreaded pregnancy nausea and vomiting, also known as "morning sickness" is in fact a misnomer. This very unpleasant, and sometimes utterly debilitating, ailment, can, unfortunately, occur at any time of the day and night, or even last for a whole day.

4. Heartburn and Baby's Hair

Another funny, but totally fictional, old wives' tale is the fact that if you are experiencing heartburn it must be because your baby has lots of hair. Scientifically-speaking, a correlation between the two has never been found, so this is definitely a myth.

5. Goodbye Cats?

Did someone say to you that, whilst pregnant, you should absolutely steer clear of cats? Well, that's not entirely true. You should avoid close contact with their faeces and always wash your hands after handling their litter, there's really no reason why you can't enjoy your kitty cuddles when expecting.

Enjoy Your Pregnancy and Don't Believe Everything You Hear!

If you are currently expecting, you'll probably want to know everything about your pregnancy and baby. Our guide to the most surprising facts can come in handy whenever you experience a strange symptom or have questions about specific pregnancy-relating aspects.

Similarly, remember to take all the pregnancy myths listed here with a grain of salt! Yes, sometimes some of them might be true for some women, but they are definitely not based in any sort of science or evidence.

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