When Should You Start Putting Shoes on a Baby?

When Should You Start Putting Shoes on a Baby? Bespoke Baby Gifts

Nicolette Harris |

On average, adults make 35,000 choices each day. As a new mum, you may have a million questions about your baby and about what you need to know when you bring your baby home. 

With all the questions that you have, you may feel tired and overwhelmed, even with less important decisions like dressing your baby. 

But here is a secret: you don't have to worry about what everyone else says. You can make the best choices for you and your baby! If you still want help deciding how you should dress your baby or when you should dress your baby in infant shoes, we've got your back. 

Keep reading to learn more about the types of infant shoes and when to buy them.

Types of Infant Shoes

Before you can make a decision about when you should get shoes for your baby, you should know what options are available. The best infant shoes are most often soft-soled shoes that still allow babies to move their feet.

These types of shoes help protect babies from the elements like the sun, the cold and prevent injury, but they do not restrict your baby. 

Another type of shoe for babies is hard-soled shoes. Some theories suggest that because children's bones are still soft as they are growing, having your child wear a hard-soled shoe could prevent the proper development of their foot.

However, this would not be an issue if the hard-soled shoes were worn for a short period of time.

Most often, soft-soled tennis shoes, moccasins, and slip-on shoes are the best shoes for babies. Buying these shoes will allow your baby to flex their foot and move without restriction.

When Should I Give My Baby Shoes?

In all honesty, the decision of when to buy shoes for your baby is completely up to your personal preference. Some new mums dress their babies in shoes because, babies wearing shoes are incredibly cute.

Others do it to protect their babies from the harsh weather when they go outside. For infants, as long as the shoes are soft and pliable, it is completely fine to buy infant shoes and put them on your child whenever you want. 

When your child gets a little older and is beginning to learn how to walk, it is recommended that they learn this skill barefoot.

Allowing your child to walk barefoot allows the muscles in their feet to strengthen and helps them walk without a shoe inhibiting their growth. Choosing the best baby shoes for your child can help their muscles develop properly. 

If you choose to buy your child shoes before or when they begin to walk, make sure that the shoes have a non-slip bottom to prevent falls and injuries. Again, this is completely up to your personal preference and style and depends on the comfort of your baby. 

Infant Shoe Sizes

If you want to buy shoes for your baby but don't know where to start, consider looking for an infant shoe size guide. Often, these sizes will be in months, but you can also measure the size of your child's foot in inches or centimetres to be sure.

The size 0-6 months, the insole is about 11 centimetres from the tip of your baby's toe to their heel. The size 6-12 months generally the insole is about 12 centimetres. It is recommended that your child's foot is 1cm - 1.5cm less that the insole.

Consider Practicality

When buying infant shoes, you also want to be sure they will work for your baby and their level of movement. Buying shoes that will stay on your child's feet will not only save your sanity but will also keep you from losing your child's shoes. 

Ready to Start Shopping? 

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