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Baby Wraps & Baby Muslins Online In Australia

Bespoke Baby Muslins and Wraps are one of the parent’s best and most useful friend when taking care of their babies. They’re soft, warm, and keep your baby protected for a good night's sleep.

Baby Muslin Wraps & Crochet Blankets In Australia

Bespoke Baby Muslin Wrap is an extremely fine and loosely-woven cotton fabric. Based on its size, weight, finish, colour, etc., there are many different types of muslin cloth that you can choose. A baby muslin wrap is a simple way to create a unique wrapping for your newborn. You can also use our crochet baby blanket to keep your baby warm.

We have multi vibrant colours and unique patterns make them ideal to be used as a baby swaddle, nursing or stroller cover, burp cloth, changing pad cover, newborn photo prop, or even children scarf. Driven by our innovative designs, our products are a signature blend of minimalist prints, trendy colours, and ultra-soft fabrics. Our newborn wraps are perfect to be used either at home or to present as a gift.

All in one Baby Muslin!

Bespoke Baby Muslin Wrap is a do-it-all fabric that helps simplify what can be a chaotic time. No matter how you're using our 100% cotton muslin swaddle, pram cover, burp cloth, or nursing cover to name just a few it surrounds your little one in comfy goodness round the clock. It is designed to envelop babies in a gentle, warm environment, similar to that of the womb. The fabric even becomes softer with every wash.

Our Muslin Wraps are perfect for breastfeeding. You can have privacy when breastfeeding and stop your baby from getting distracted. You can also use it when your baby is burping. The soft, thick and absorbent fabric will make sure whatever you’re wearing stays clean when you pat your little bambino gently on the back.  It can be used also for pram cover. This is essentially a cover that can go over a baby stroller. Usually, strollers with babies or young children are covered with this in order to protect the child from the elements (sun, wind, cooler air. The lightweight nature of muslin is unique for a pram cover since it easily allows for airflow.

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At Bespoke Baby, we guarantee you the best quality muslin wraps. Unique designs and durable fabrics that we used making sure that you’ll have no regrets after buying. Take a look on our Baby wraps and muslins for a newborn boy & Baby wraps and muslins for a newborn girl. Very affordable and budget-friendly prices. So what are you waiting for? Shop now and make your little one look amazing and comfortable.