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5 Unique Baby Boy Nursery Room Ideas For Your Newborn

December 04, 2020

5 Unique Baby Boy Nursery Room Ideas For Your Newborn

5 Unique Baby Boy Nursery Room Ideas For Your Newborn

Planning a nursery for your baby boy is so much fun.  It allows you to release your inner child and bond with your little man before he is even here!

It's easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of ideas and get carried away.  So make sure you take a step back every now and then and decide if you really ‘need’ it all. A great place to start is a nursery print. This can help with other decor ideas.

Remember, that above all, safety is paramount.  Focus on safety first and from there on in you can look at the aesthetics.  Remember to secure all furniture from the wall and follow the Red Nose what is a safe sleeping environment guidelines.

Often the furniture is the central focal point of the nursery, so many people decide to start there.  Choosing a cot, and matching nursery set if you so desire, can be a big decision.  So don’t rush into it.  While you are mulling over cot choices, here are our top five unique baby boy nursery room ideas. 

Up, Up and Away!

To be able to fly is every little boys dream.  Start his journey up, up and away with a beautifully themed nursery.

Painted blue walls, some cloud decals and a vintage plane hanging from the ceiling and your little boy will be flying off to sleep in no time at all.  You can add some splashes of colour in the sky with some brightly coloured hot air balloons, either hanging from the roof, or as decals on the wall.  You may even be able to find a wooden plane rocker for when he is a bit older.

Bold and Beautiful

Set your young man up to go boldly into the future with a classic wooden nursery set with some bright bold accents of colour. 

Pair taupe coloured walls and nursing chair with some bright cushions and wall art. Think bright oranges, golden yellows, royal blue and emerald green.  Add some vibrantly coloured ornaments in the form of building blocks and stuffed animals and a mobile with bright geometric shapes.

Ship Ahoy

Send your son sailing off to slumber each night in a nautical inspired nursery.

White walls and furniture can be paired with navy blue wall art (think whales, ship stearing wheels, anchors and life bouys).  A coiled rope rug and ottoman will further cement this nautical theme.  Find some anchor printed curtains and bedding and you are all set.

Jungle Safari

Your little boy will always be up for a wild adventure. 

Start with a forest green feature wall and add some animal wall decals.   You may be lucky enough to find some wall hooks shaped like elephant heads.   Place a coir mat on the group, add in some cute jungle animal soft toys and find some animal inspired bedding and you are all set.  If you are up for it, a large artificial plant in the corner of the room would really finish off this jungle safari nursery.


Outer Space

Blast off boring nursery themes for boys and head straight to the space section!

Think rockets, spaceships and all aspects of the solar system such as planets, stars and moons.  Paint a feature wall in a darker colour, which you can offset by using light coloured furniture and floor coverings. 

As a finishing touch, either paint, or get a wall decal, that says “love you to the moon and back”.

Remember, as a parent you will probably be spending a significant amount of time in the room with your little boy.  So you need to ensure that the room is comfortable, and safe, for you as well.  Try to ensure that the ‘daily’ items you need are easy to reach and convenient to get to.

Shop our huge range of nursery prints to find the perfect piece to compliment the décor for your gorgeous little boy.  Bespoke Baby offer a wide range of prints, from personalised birth prints to animals and ocean prints and so much more. No matter what theme you are wanting to create, we can help. If you can't find the perfect print for your little boys room or want us to make colour or orientation changes then just let us know.


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