Adorable Nursery Ideas For Your Baby Girl

Adorable Nursery Ideas For Your Baby Girl | Bespoke Baby

Nicolette Harris |

Decorating the nursery for your precious baby girl is something that every mother dreams of. The problem is, there are just so many options out there!

While having a set theme is not a necessity, having a rough idea or a color palette will help you narrow down your choices and the end result will be a more cohesive room decoration.

It is a good idea to decide what you want the focal point of the room to be (besides your baby of course!). The focal point does not have to be the cot. It could be a feature wall paper, or a large wall art print or personalised baby wall art. Even a special piece of furniture, such as an antique dressing table.

You don't need to be an interior designer to create a beautiful baby nursery design. Here are some simple girl nursery ideas for you to consider;

Black and White

Do you love the monochrome look? So do babies.

Monochrome nurseries can be stunningly beautiful. Monochrome usually pairs well with minimalistic nursery decor, like small bedside tables. Black geometric wall art on white walls will set the theme.

Simply add a white cot, with black and white geometric bedding will be an eye-catching feature of the room, like nursery wall art. Soften the room with fabrics of different textures, such as a shaggy rug, soft muslin curtains and velveteen cushions.

When thinking about a baby room design, keep in mind that babies grow. So try to think long term. If this is to turn into your child's bedroom, then choose key furniture such as chests of drawers that will still fit when it’s time to move your baby from the cot into a big bed.   

Splashes of colour

Just because you are having a girl, doesn’t mean EVERYTHING has to be pink. 

Choose a gender neutral colour you like, and then add some splashes of pink. A cool tranquil grey colour, light shade or translucent mint green can be brightened up with some subtle splashes of pink. Think grey walls and carpet with pink floral prints on the walls, pink bunting and a few pink accessories, like a pink throw rug on a grey rocker, a pink hanging mobile and lampshade.

An excellent source for colours and matching colour palettes is PANTONE colour finder

Blue is not just for boys!

Pastel blue walls will bring the outside sky indoors. Like we have seen on various episodes of The Block, painting the ceiling a light blue or grey and adding clouds or stars a great option. Who doesn't like lying in bed staring at stars or clouds.

Add in some feminine touches with some floral or unicorn wall art and a coordinating rug. A beautiful hanging mobile with girly colours to suit your chosen colour palette.

Geometrical Nursery Room

Geometric designs are one of the most visually pleasing forms of design.

Think triangular wallpaper as a feature wall, a chevron carpet, some triangular bunting and then rectangular furniture, such as the cot, dresser and even an ottoman.  Incorporate contrasting colours throughout the room. Think whites, pinks and golds. Make sure you don't go over the top with geometric designs, otherwise it will be too busy. Similar to monochrome, minimalist is best. Thin straight lines, hard pointing corners and do some research is your not sure how to execute this bedroom design.

Starlight Starbright

Twinkle twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are?

Stars are a universal winner and have inspired nursery decor around the world. Choose a base colour for the walls, and then add in a contrasting colour through the stars. You can get star motifs for the walls, star prints on the curtains, a star hanging mobiles above the change table and even a few star cushions for the rocking chair.  A moon nightlight will ensure you can still see your sweet girl during those night feeds. 

Regardless of which nursery theme you choose, it is important to ensure all furniture, such as chests of drawers, are firmly secured to the walls. Follow the what is a safe sleeping environment guidelines. When designing the room, think ahead to when the baby is on the move. Try to be strategic as to where furniture is placed to prevent inquisitive toddlers getting into power points and electrical cords.  

Another excellent place to get baby girl nursery ideas is Pinterest.

No matter what theme you are wanting to create, we can help. If you can't find the perfect print for your little girls room or want us to make colour or orientation changes then get in contact with us to discuss options.