5 ways to display kids artwork

5 ways to display kids artwork

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Being on the receiving end of kids’ creativity is one of the joys of parenthood. But before you know it, your home is piling up with their mini masterpieces for them never to see the light of day.

If you’re needing some inspiration to display your kids’ wall art, look no further. We’ve sourced five ways to show off your little treasures’ works of art while keeping your home looking stylish and on point.

1. Convert original art to posters

Get your local custom digital printers to convert your child’s creations into a poster that can be framed to take pride of place in your home. This is a really low-cost and effective way of showing off your child’s art, and you can combine several pieces on a single poster for maximum impact.

2. Upcycle old frames for a shabby chic look

Why not dig out or buy some old frames and give them a makeover with chalk paint? Your kids will love pitching in and creating something new from old. And, the added bonus is that you will have plenty of places to keep their artwork in. Your collection of shabby chic frames will look fabulous on one wall and will be a source of pride for your kids.

3. Hang up your kids’ art washing line style

This is a super stylish and affordable way to display multiple pieces of art. Any wire, such as curtain wire, or even some heavy-duty garden string provides the perfect place to hang drawings with clothes pegs or stationery clips. What’s great about this display is it’s easy to switch out the artwork when new pieces are created… and kids will love doing this, too!

4. Create unique wallpaper

This one is not for the faint-hearted – get your kids to draw directly onto a dedicated wall and let their imaginations run riot. It’s not as messy as it sounds, though – all you need to do is paper your chosen wall with plain wallpaper and let your little ones draw, paint and create directly onto it. They will love the freedom of expressing themselves, and you get a unique and eye-catching way to decorate your interior!

5. Chalkboard creativity

You can easily turn a wall into a chalkboard with special paint. Draw on frames in chalk and mount your kids’ wall art inside, or have them create their masterpieces directly onto the chalk itself. The added bonus is that when you want to freshen things up, the kids can simply rub out their pictures and start again. What’s not to like?

And finally…

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