6 food ideas to serve on baby showers

6 food ideas to serve on baby showers

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The focal point of any baby shower has got to be the food. But with so many options, it’s hard to know where to start. What you need is a list of ideas for easy, enticing food that will look good and satisfy your guests. So, here it is… the Bespoke Baby top six food ideas to serve on baby showers.

1. Mini veggie dip cups

Instead of guests spooning dips onto plates (which can get messy), they simply pick up a cup and have everything they need in one go. Fill the bottom of small cups with the dip of your choice, and add thinly-sliced vegetables like bell peppers, carrots, celery and some cherry tomatoes skewered onto toothpicks. The bonus is that your veggie dip cups will make a vibrant display, and they’re healthy, too!

2. Healthy pasta salad

Everyone loves pasta, so combining it with healthy and delicious veggies has got to be a win. Combine cooked pasta, a good dose of pesto and as many vegetables as you like. Just like the veggie dips, you serve it in small cups with party forks to make it easy for your guests to grab on the go.

3. The cheese board to top all cheese boards

This crowd-pleaser is easy to assemble and looks classy. Grab a large plain white platter and load it with different types of cheese. Fill the spaces in between the cheeses with crackers, toasted baguette and breadsticks if you’re including soft cheese. Add a selection of cured meats. Then in any remaining space, add olives, grapes and nuts. The finishing touches are pots of dips and a single sprig of rosemary placed at the centre of the board. Voilà… the cheese board to top all cheese boards!

4. Rainbow fruit skewers

Simple to put together and visually stunning, rainbow fruit skewers add a splash of colour to your food table. All you need to do is cut strawberries, kiwis, bananas, mango and papaya into bite-sized slices and thread them onto long skewers. Serve on a plain platter and watch them disappear!

5. Watermelon lollies

This has got to be the easiest way to serve and eat watermelon… ever! All you need to do is cut a watermelon into discs, then quarters. With a sharp knife, cut into the centre of the green rind, then insert a craft stick into the cut. There you have it… a refreshing, no-fuss watermelon lolly!

6. Bring on the cupcakes!

No baby shower is complete without a display of cupcakes, coordinated to fit in with your chosen theme. For a classic look, serve your cupcakes on a large tiered stand. Or if you want to be creative, nestle them in individual wine glasses on a bed of marshmallows, or in vintage teacups for a retro look. However you choose to present them, they will definitely be appreciated by your baby shower guests!

Bonus tip: presentation is key

To make your food display stand out, arrange it around a centrepiece. Nappy cakes are a fantastic way to decorate your table, whether your baby shower is for a girl, boy or the gender is yet to be revealed.

Bespoke Baby offers a whole selection of girls’ nappy cakes, boys’ nappy cakes and unisex nappy cakes to gift to the mother-to-be and to elevate your baby shower look with the “wow factor.”