Baby Hamper: The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Baby Hamper: The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Nicolette Harris |

A baby shower is a joyous occasion, but what should you buy as a gift? A baby hamper is a unique idea that you can fill with all kinds of gifts for newborns and new parents.

So, what do you put in a baby gift hamper? We’ve put together some suggestions that will thrill expectant mothers.

Choosing a Hamper Packaging

Before we jump into gift ideas, you will need to choose a hamper. There are many options so you can find one to meet different needs and budgets. 

Types of hamper:

  • Natural fibres such a seagrass, bamboo and cane hamper baskets
  • Wicker baskets (can also be used for storage)
  • Canvas boxes or bins (can also be used for storage)
  • Plastic bowls & laundry buckets
  • Baby bathtub
  • Decorated or covered wooden boxes & metal tins

You do not have to spend a lot of money to prepare a great gift for the new baby.

What Do You Put in a Baby Hamper? Fun Gift Ideas

Once you’ve decided on a type of hamper base or packaging, you’ll need to fill it with essential and practical baby items.

The options are endless when it comes to creating unique baby hampers, especially when you curate your own custom hamper. You might like to add useful items like baby clothes and and muslin wraps.

Don't forget to add things like cute soft toys, bath toys or bath time products. Or, perhaps you want to give other items such as teethers, bottles, dummy's, towels and washcloths. We’ve even seen (and make) hampers filled with nappies, baby wipes, Sudocrem.

Baby Clothes

Baby clothes always welcomed and used by new Mums. Yes they get a lot, but they also need a lot.

Between spitting up and nappy explosions, it’s not uncommon for infants to go through several outfits a day. At first, babies are mostly in bodysuits and rompers, but there are occasions when it’s time to dress up and show off some cute fashionable baby outfits, too.

Muslin Wraps

New parents can never have enough swaddles and wraps. These ingenious inventions are designed to wrap infants in comfort so they sleep like better. They are versatile and get used for all sorts of reasons like swaddling, privacy cover when nursery, sun shield over prams or to remove distractions when it's sleep time on the go.

You can find muslin wraps in a variety of styles and colours for all genders.

Skin Care 

Newborn skin is so delicate and soft and for the first few months, it's recommended to establish a skin care routine for your newborn.

It’s always best to look for organic and natural products for babies. You can also find beautiful, indulgent mum and baby skincare products for gifting.

Babies often develop rashes and skin conditions so products should be free of dyes, perfumes, or other harsh ingredients. 

Toys or Teethers

Most babies start teething around 4-6 months old. This can cause a lot of discomfort, which leads to a cranky baby. 

Want to ease this transition for the mum-to-be? There are plenty of fun and practical ways to do so. In many cases, you can find accessories that pull double duty, working as both a play item and a source of comfort. 

Check out these toys and teethers that can help soothe a baby’s sore gums.

Treats For Mum and Dad

There is always room for chocolates and other tasty treats. There's no better way to celebrate arrival of a bundle of joy into this world than with a bottle of bubbles or something else to enjoy when baby is finally asleep.

New parents can get so busy that they forget to eat. They may even be too tired to fix anything. A gift basket filled with Mummy and Daddy treats will be appreciated and well deserved.

Fill Your Hamper with Gifts of Love

A baby hamper makes a unique gift that you can personalize for baby and the mum-to-be.

Come up with a fun theme or be practical and give items new parents will appreciate. What do you put in a baby hamper? Mostly your love and commitment to helping a new family grow.

Feel free to explore and create your own custom baby hamper.

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