Why You Should Have a Baby Shower Gift Registry

Why You Should Have a Baby Shower Gift Registry

Nicolette Harris |

If you are pregnant and getting ready to organise a baby shower, you might be wondering if you should have a baby shower gift registry. You might be concerned it will be perceived as presumptuous to invite people to look at a baby gift registry you've created. However, if done in a manner that does not expect people to buy from the registry, it's merely a suggestion or "wish list" you have created, then absolutely a baby shower gift registry is a great idea.

If you don't want to be stuck with useless gifts, or a bunch of duplicate gifts, then it is a excellent choice to baby shower registry as a list of baby items for your friends and family members. They are not hard to set up and it will be a great relief to your guests as well.

Read on to see some reasons why you need to have a baby shower gift registry list.

1. You Want to Make It Easier for Your Guests

Maybe all your friends are mothers who have a pretty good idea of what a new mother would need. However, if your friends aren't mothers and a little clueless about what a new mother would need, why not make things easier for them creating a list of items that you actually want and need?

This way your friends won't have to call each other to figure out what gift would be best suited to you or call you to ask what you want. All they would need to do is go to the baby shower gift registry list and pick.

As easy as that! Less stress for them, and better gifts for you and your baby. What could be better than that?

2. You Want to Avoid Duplication of Gifts

You don't want to end up with 3 of the same gifts, because you weren't specific enough about your gift desires.

Yes, you will need lots of popular baby items like baby muslin wraps, bodysuits and rompers, however you don't necessarily want exactly the same colours or prints. Same applies with toys and accessories.

Even if though your friends might do call around and ensure that they aren't duplicating gifts, not all your friends know each other. To prevent duplication of gifts and to help get a good variety of baby clothes, burp clothes and more, a newborn gift registry is a must have.

3. You Want to Outline Exactly What Kind of Gifts You Prefer

You are going to be a new mother soon. It will be a beautiful shock to life as you know it when your newborn arrives, and you want to have everything on hand that you like and want.

Wouldn't it be better to outline exactly what gift you would like so after the baby arrives you have everything you need at home?

You can spend some time researching and thinking about things you will find useful like, baby skin care, baby play matnappy bags and pram clipsbaby carrier wrap and other things that people might not think off.

4. You Want Gender-Neutral Gifts

If you know what you're having and wanting to avoid too much pink for your girl or don't want to smother your baby boy in blue, then you might like to outline that, either in the invitation (which seems crass), or in the baby shower gift registry list.

You might not know what you’re having and don't want a stack of white baby items. You prefer greens, greys or yellows which are all gender-neutral people might not know which you like best. 

5. You Have a Certain Decor and Colour Scheme in Mind

Some baby shower gifts end up being for the home, rather than the mother or the baby. As people strive to find unique baby gifts that can be used for a long time to come. 

But that means you might end up with a bright-green wall art (just an example), rather than the pastel or monochrome one that would go with your current decor. You get the gist.

A baby shower gift registry will outline clearly the colours, sizes, and shapes of things you would like to receive. No more getting stuck with gifts that get stored for years and never used.

6. No-one Wants to Give a Useless Gift

No one wants to get a gift for a friend that they might not end up using. More than that, you don't want to be stuck with gifts that are going to sit somewhere out of sight and out of mind.

You are just starting your life with your partner, and baby. You don't want to clutter it up with nonsense. Start on the right foot. Get a baby shower gift registry.

In this modern day and age it is not inappropriate to suggest a list of items you would like and let people pick and choose from that list or go it on their own and buy something not on that list at all.

Keep in mind, typically a gift registry is not for big ticket items like car seats or breast pumps or cots. The more expensive the item the more people might frown or perceive your registry to be presumptuous.

How to Set Up a Baby Shower Gift Registry

Are you worried about the difficulties of setting up a baby shower gift registry list? Have no fear. It’s super easy to create an online Bespoke Baby gift registry for your upcoming event or wish list for post baby arrival.

We have a wide variety of gifts ideas for babies, mums, and the nursery. Get your nappy bags, nursery wall art, unisex baby gifts, and more at Bespoke Baby. You easily share your registry via email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other modern forms of communication.

You already have too much on your plate, as do the people who might be organizing your baby shower for you. The easier you can make this whole scenario, the better off it will be for everyone.

It's Clear Why You Should Have a Baby Shower Gift Registry

Hopefully, you are no longer asking why you should have a register for a baby shower gift wish list aka a registry. There are enough compelling reasons to go for one.

Make it easier for yourself (present and future you), and your guests. Cut down stress and worry for both sides. 

We have some great ideas at Bespoke Baby for baby shower gifts for girls and for boys or unisex baby gifts.