Hospital Bag Checklist: Must-Have Items

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Hospital Bag Checklist: Must-Have Items

Did you know that someone gives birth in Australia around every 1 minute and 43 seconds? 

If you're expecting a baby, you're definitely not alone! From the second you see a positive pregnancy test, right up to your due date is one of the most exciting, nervous, and busy times, and you'll have lots to think about. 

Packing a hospital bag is just one of many things on your to-do list! To help make things a little easier, and as parents ourselves, we have compiled a baby hospital bag checklist in Australia to help you out.

We always recommend you check with your hospital to confirm what they will provide and not provide. Every public and Private hospital are slightly different. And depending on the type of birth you have planned or end up having, may impact how long you stay in hospital for.

1. Ultra Absorbent Maternity Pads

When it comes to what to have in a hospital bag, maternity pads and breast pads are a must. We are not going to sugarcoat it, maternity pad are big, thick and uncomfortable BUT they are needed as you are likely to bleed for a few days after birth. Kotex are known to be good and there are other brands as well. Try to avoid your normal slimlines, they simply won't be right for the job. We also recommend some boy cut panties to hold those maternity pads where they would be. You can get some pretty nice looking ones these day, but don't worry about getting nice looking ones, go for the most comfortable.

2. Baby Clothes

If you're wondering "what should I bring to the hospital?", don't forget newborn baby clothes! Just like you, your little one is going to need something cute and cosy to wear when they arrive in the world. Remember, babies come from a warm 36 degrees inside your body and the outside world, particularly a hospital is cold. We recommend long sleeve bodysuits and rompers. You'll also need other baby essentials, include muslin wraps

3. Your Favourite Toiletries

Every hospital bag checklist for baby and mum should include toiletries. Make sure you pack a toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush and ties, deodorant, dry shampoo, and body lotion. Face wipes or face clothes are also a great idea for an easy pick-me-up! For baby, you don't need to worry too much, it is likely they will only have 1 bath during your hospital stay. For newborn baby skin care products, you can buy mini traveller bottles for the hospital bag.

4. Maternity Singlet or Nursing Bra

You thought you had big boobs in the final days of pregnancy..... Wait for a few days after bub is born and your milk comes in. WOW - they grow again. In fact, in the first few weeks of life with a newborn, it is hard to figure out which bra best fits your as your boob size is constantly changing. If you are planning on breastfeeding, the maternity singlets with built in support and nursery bras are the best thing for you. These are free of underwire, super comfortable, and make nursing much easier so that you can feed your baby without a hassle.

5. Lip Balm & Nipple Balm

Lip balm is the underdog of the new mum hospital checklist, but you'll thank yourself for chucking it in. Honestly, this is one of the most raved about must-haves from all new mums!

Also, your nipples will need some soothing after the endless hours of sucking they are about to endure. We HIGHLY recommend packing some Lansinoh nipple cream.

6. Newborn Nappies

Most hospitals do not supply these. Don't forget to pack a bunch of newborn nappies as frequent changed is recommended!

7. Your Phone and Phone Charger

Okay, so you probably won't forget your phone. But, your phone charger is another story! Easy to forget but essential for staying in touch with family and for watching Netflix when you're not having contractions, it's a must to keep your little phone alive. 

8. Healthy Snacks & Sugar Hits

Take something easy like protein bars or nuts and stay energised for your birth experience. Also, during labour some little sugar hits can be handy to. Think lollipops, snakes or chocolates. What-ever your favourites are.

Bring yourself some healthy snacks from home to thank your body for all of its hard work.

9. A Bathrobe and Comfortable Clothes

A bathrobe is one of the comfiest, most-appropriate clothes for anyone who has just given birth. Loose, cosy, and super warm, it'll be your best friend whilst you're there!

You also need a home outfit for travelling back with your baby that's loose-fitting and comfortable. Think harem pants or any pants or skirt with super stretchy waist. Something that will hide those maternity undies and pads. 

10. Slippers or Slip on Shoes

Hospitals are notoriously cold. When you're in labour, don't be surprised when your feet swell. When this happens, you'll be incredibly happy that you packed slippers or no-slip socks for walking around the hospital hallways! We think slippers are best because you can get them on and off yourself. Socks on the other hand, with a beautiful big and full belly can be harder to reach.

11. Your Birth Plan (if you have one)

If you have a specific birth plan, be sure to print out a few copies for your hospital bag. Print one for your chart, one to have near you when you're in labour, and a couple to give to your team.

Lots of people choose to not have a birth plan. Let's face it, there are some things in this world we cannot control, like labour or if an emergency c-section is required. So while it's nice to have plan with how you would like your birth to go, do not stress if you can't stick to the plan. This most important thing is keeping Mum and baby safe during labour and birth.

12. Some Luxury Essentials

Don't forget to give yourself some extra comforts. Labour is hard and if there are things that you think will make it easier, then, by all means, pack them! There aren't any rules against bringing a whole suitcase full of things with you if you want. 

Some luxurious items that could help create a nicer experience for you include:

  • A tablet for watching TV
  • Your own pillow for some extra comfort
  • Calming room sprays or aromatherapy oils
  • Downloading your favourite playlist
  • Books and other entertainment for post-birth stays
  • Note pad and pen. You seem to come up with a list of things you need to get after giving birth

Think of what might help bring you comfort both during and after your birth. If your partner could be doing an overnight stay with you, remember to pack some goodies for them, too! Labour can be very long and some entertainment is a useful distraction.

Tick Off Everything on Your Hospital Bag Checklist

Having a hospital bag checklist is a great way to get organized and make sure you don't forget anything on the big day (check out our baby care range for more inspiration!). Use these ideas to start making your own, but feel free to add your own essentials! 

Alongside our baby care range, we have a lot of other bespoke baby products. If you know someone who's expecting, take a look at our gifts and give them something extra special. 


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