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Understanding Baby Clothing Sizes

Whether you’re a new or soon-to-be mum or someone looking to buy lots of little and practical gifts, shopping for newborns (and toddlers) can be intimidating. That’s because of the confusing clothing sizes.

Similar to adults and clothing sizes, babies come in a variety and shapes and sizes, and varying heights and weights. And baby clothing sizes, similar to adults may differ from brand to brand and region to region.

When buying baby clothing online, always look for a size chart. Good brands of baby clothes will over more than just an approximate age, they should also provide an approx weight and height measurements to help guide you through your baby's growth spurt and buying newborn baby clothes online. Let's face it, getting to the shops with a newborn is not always easy, and you definitely don't "try on" the newborn clothes when your there!

Another thing to be aware of is global sizes. Many American Brands or European Brands are sold in Australia and do not necessarily confirm to the sizes we see and know in our large department stores.

When babies grow, you'll often hear parents size they are going into size "xyz". But if the truth is told, a normal baby wardrobe consists if a mix of sizes. It can be a little frustrating when all you want to do is clear out all the size 000 | 0-3 months and replace with a bunch of new size 00 | 3-6 months, however some of the size 000 still fit and some of the size 00 are too big. Don't fret too much about what the tag says, stick with what fits best and if comfortable for your baby girl or baby boy.

Here are the baby clothing sizes explained.

Sizes Guide for Buying Baby Clothing in Australia

Size 00000 | Premature

This one is the smallest in the market and is typically used by premature babies. In general, they’re for babies who are less than 45 cm long and 2 kg heavy.

Size 0000 | Newborn

This size 0000 is a safe bet unless the baby is particularly smaller or bigger than average. It’s great for newborns from roughly 0 to 4-6 weeks old with an approximate height of up to 56 cm and a weight of up to 4 kg. For a "home outfit" this is the best size to choose.

Size 000 | 0-3 Months

This one is good for newborns, too, as they grow big quickly, anyway. This size is best for up to 3 months, although you may want to double-check if the baby is at the tail end of that range.

This size is best for babies who are approximate height of 62 cm in length and up to 6 kg in weight.

Size 00 | 3-6 months

Babies weighing up to 8 kg with a height of up to 68 cm should get a size 00. This is the average size for babies between 3 to 6 months old.

Size 0 | 6-12 months

At this newborn clothes sizes, shopping starts to get more fun as it’s the most common size. As such, you’ll have more varied options in fabric and design. 

Size 0 is great for babies between 6 to 12 months old with 10 kg of weight and 76 cm in height.

Size 1 | 12-18 Months

This size, as the name suggests, is perfect for children around the 1-year-old mark. It’s intended for babies up to 18 months, weighing up to 12 kg and measuring 84 cm.

Baby Clothing Size Charts: Bespoke Baby Gitfs

American and European Baby Clothing Size Guide

Newborn Size

This is typically for new babies between 0 and 4-6 weeks with an approximate weight of 1.8kg to 3.7kgs and an approximate height of 43cm - 50cm

3 Months

This is very similar to size 000 | 0-3 months. The approximate weight of the baby should be 3.7kgs to 5kg and estimate height range between 48cm - 58cm

6 Months

This is almost the equivalent of size 00 | 3-6 months. The guide for approximate weight is between 5kg - 6.8kg and the rough length of the baby is approximate between 58cm - 67cm

9 Months

Unlike Australian baby clothing size charts, our American and European counterparts have a more incremental approach to baby clothing sizes. Enter the 9M size. The estimated weight range is between 6.8kg - 8.1kg and the approximate height to be between 67cm to 73cm

12 Months

This is fairly close to size 0 | 6-12 months. The guide for approximate weight is 8.3kg - 9.1kg and the approximate height around 73cm - 78cm

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