The Best New Mum Gift Ideas

The Best New Mum Gift Ideas. Bespoke Baby

Nicolette Harris |

Gift-giving to celebrate the birth of a baby is a global tradition. But if those gifts are for the baby, who celebrates the mum?

All new mums deserve to be cared for, just as they care so lovingly for their newborns. So, if you are looking for beautiful new mum gifts, below are some unique gifts and ideas

1. Baby Play Mat

A must have for every new Mum and baby is a play mat. Buying a baby play mat as a gift will hands down be one of the best gifts they receive. 

One tings new Mum's do is spend a lot of time of the floor with their baby's encouraging them to explore and develop strong neck muscles and skills like rollings, crawling and sitting.

Outdoor time and play is super important as well, do for a really useful gift that will be used a lot, you should think about purchasing an outdoor play mat or picnic rug.

1. Baby Wrap

A baby carrier wrap will be useful to the new mum for years to come. She can cuddle her baby in it securely for up to two years.

Baby wearing is perhaps the healthiest bonding experience  a new mum and her little one can have. Studies show that babies who are carried in this way are more emotionally confident and independent from the youngest age.


2. Self-Care New Mother Gift Ideas

If you cannot decide on just one gift for that special mum, why not give her a self-care package?

Mums are so busy caring for their babies that they forget--or don't find the time--to care for themselves.

Create a care package on your own. Here's what to include:

  • Her favorite snacks (especially if she's breastfeeding)
  • Bath salts
  • Belly butter (it can help with stretch marks even postpartum, and it's so soothing)

No care package for breastfeeding mums is complete without nipple balm. Don't feel awkward about including nipple cream.

Those cracked and chapped nipples are a means of sustenance for her baby, and she won't mind the gesture one bit. It's a gift she may not even realize she will need.

2. Nappy Bag or Nappy Clutch

As new mums, women enter a phase in their life when most purses are no longer practical. What are they to do aside from filling large, shapeless totes with their children's belongings?

Nappy bags are the answer, of course. Both stylish and practical, these bags make mums want to be seen out in public with their wee ones.

Featuring waterproof compartments and handy changing pads, nappy bags are exactly what a new mum can use.

Buying a nappy bag is an opportunity to give a gift she desperately needs but may not think to get.

3. Champaign

Ah, what can a new mum use after nine months or longer without alcohol?

Champaign is the answer, and yes, it can be a great gift for that mummy who is ready to celebrate her little one's birth. 

If the mum is breastfeeding, she may still appreciate this type of gift. She can always save the Champaign for later when she is no longer producing milk.

Also, she can follow these guidelines about alcohol and breastfeeding. A bit of a drink does not need to be entirely off the table.

4. Chocolate Treat

Which new mum doesn't love a box of chocolates?

If there is ever a perfect time for indulging with sweets, the birth of a baby is it. Give her some decadent truffles to savor during those long newborn nights. Tell her that for new mums, the extra sweets can be had guilt-free.

Our favourite gifts for new mums

Whether you're attending a baby shower or looking to send a gift box to celebrate the arrival of a bundle of joy, we have created a range of gifts for new mums that take the hassle out of shopping.

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