What Kind of Clothes Are Good for Newborns

What Kind of Clothes Are Good for Newborns

Nicolette Harris |

The global newborn clothes market is staggeringly huge. It is worth more than $60 billion USD, and it's expected to keep growing. 

Of course, not all of the clothes that people buy for newborns are well thought through and practical. Some clothes are more of a novelty or fun idea that might only be worn once. On the other hand, the best clothes to have in a baby's wardrobe are comfortable, practical and designed to be worn all day everyday. When is comes to dressing a newborn, we think a bunch of quality basics are a must have.

So, what kind of clothes are good for newborns? Read on to learn all about what baby outfits are a good clothing choice from day one.

Rompers, Bodysuits & Onesies 

There are some super cute clothes for newborns out there, unfortunately some of the cutest clothes are not very practical or designed to be worn by babies.

Some new baby clothes are just miniature versions of adult clothes and shirts. While these are cute, the problem with newborn clothes like these is that they're difficult to get on and off and constantly ride up the belly or up around their faces. Unlike adults, babies spend most of the time someone's arms or lying down.

The best clothes for newborns are baby bodysuits and baby rompers. These one-piece garments are a great choice because they go over the shoulders and under the crotch to avoid clothes riding up over bellies.

One-piece garments will stay comfortably on your newborn. That will keep your baby warm and comfortable, and save you from having to constantly adjust them. Rompers are typically long sleeved and cover the babies legs. Bodysuits are more often short sleeved and are pulled over the babies head to get them on, then like adult bodysuits, feature press studs in the crotch to secure them from riding up. This also makes them easy access for nappy changes.

Zippers, Press Studs & Envelope Necks 

Babies make mess, and most will need an outfit change throughout the day due to poo explosions or little milky spews. Most Mum's prefer clothes that feature zippers, press studs and envelope necks. Here are the reasons why;

Zippers - typically are on rompers and mean the garment can be taken off without going over the babies head. This is particularly good when poo has escaped the nappy and smeared all the clothes. Well designed baby clothes with zippers will feature a fabric strip behind the zip to ensure the skin cannot get accidently caught in the zip. Also the top of the zip under the chin / on the neck should be covered as well to prevent rubbing and irritation.

Press studs - There are a couple of different places press studs are be on baby clothes. Some rompers features press studs on the front of the garment from neck to toe. This act the same as the zipper, enabling the garment to be taken off without going over the babies head. Some baby bodysuits are kimono style or wrapped over the baby belly then close with 3-5 side snaps.

The most common place for press studs is in the crotch region on a bodysuit. There is a good reason most bodysuits are the same, they are practical for nappy changes (which happen numerous times throughout the day) without taking the entire garment off.

Envelope necks - These are the little folds of fabric that come over the babies shoulder. They are for 2 purposes. First is the get the garment over the babies head easily when dressing. The second is so when there has been a major poo leakage (which will happen), the garment can be taken down over the baby's body to avoid spreading poo further over their body or near their face. As a new Mum, I didn't know this trick until a about 6 weeks in, after I had been cutting off poop filled bodysuits.

Baby Sleep Attire

Babies need to be dressed appropriately for bed. There are a number of options available to ensure your baby is not too hot or cold when sleeping. Typically for newborns a baby swaddle or wearable blanket that is folded and wrapped around the baby are good options as they keep your little one confined and reduce startle reflex.

Some babies don't like being swaddled and prefer their arms out for up. As babies grow, baby sleeping bags or sleep sacks can be used if this is what your little one sleeps better in.

Know What Kind of Clothes Are Good for Newborns

When buying baby clothes for newborns always try to buy 100% COTTON clothes. Newborn's can have sensitive skin and cotton can help alleviate risk of rash and irritation. Cotton is a breathable fabric that can be worn all year round.