The Best Unique Baby Gift Ideas

Your Guide to Buying Newborn Baby Gifts Online. Bespoke Baby Gifts

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The meaning of unique is “existing as the only one. Having no like or equal; unparalleled; incomparable:” In order to give a truly unique baby gift, it will need to one that no-one else can give.

Gift Idea 1: Create Your Own Perfect Gift

The best way to ensure your gift is unique and stands out from the crowd of other gifts, is to create your own customised baby hamper or baby gift box. By creating your own, you're adding your personal touch that no-one else can give.

Depending on how close you are with the new or expecting Mum, you will know exactly what she likes or doesn’t like, however regardless of how well you know the Mum-to-be, if you create your own baby gift it is guaranteed to be unique.

If you create your own baby gift, you not only get to give a one of a kind newborn gift, you can also create a gift that perfectly suits your budget. Whether you want to spend a little or spend a lot, it’s completely up to you. It also allows you to break free from traditional baby girl pinks and baby boy blues, you can mix it up to suit the expecting parents style.

Gift Idea 2: Personalised Baby Wall Art and Nursery Prints

We all know that new or expecting parents are showered with gifts and we regularly hear people say, “I want to give something that’s not clothes”. Firstly, new babies go through a lot of clothes and a new Mum & Dad can never have too many baby clothes, soft toys or baby wraps, so they are not a bad option.

Personalised baby gifts are a truly thoughtful gift that loved and cherished by new parents for many many years. Personalised baby wall art or birth prints capture those precious birth details in a beautiful way that can be displayed in the new baby’s nursery or other rooms in the house. A personalised birth print is a beautiful gift that parents keep and babies won’t grow out of, unlike clothes.

Gift Idea 2: Nappy Cakes Deliver WOW Factor

When people think of baby gifts, they typically think of baby boxes and baby gift hampers, however have you ever heard of a nappy cake? A nappy cake is an excellent alternative to typical baby boxes.

So, what is a nappy cake? The best way to describe a nappy cake is a bunch of baby items that are arranged and presented to look like a cake with fancy topping. Most of the time, there are nappies rolled into a muslin or cotton wrap to form a round base.

You can get single tier, two tier cakes or you can make a nappy cake as big as you like (think fountain of Champagne glasses). Still not sure what a nappy cake is or can’t picture it? Head check out Australia's largest collection of luxury baby nappy cakes to get some ideas. 

More Baby Gift Ideas: Think outside the box 

People often ask 'what is the best gift for a newborn baby'? The best baby shower gifts or newborn baby gifts are practical things that will make life a little easier for new parents. Here are some more suggestions that aren't your typical clothes or soft toys.

Baby Carrier Wraps


Baby Carrier Wraps

(aka baby slings or baby wearing)  there's lots of different types of baby carriers available, however some are not suitable to be used from birth. When babies are born, for the first 1-3 moths, they need to have their neck supported while they develop their muscles. This makes it particularly hard for new Mum's to do anything as both hands are required to hold a newborn. The right baby carriers or baby slings can give new Mums some arms free time and independance to get things done. If buying a baby sling or baby wearing carrier wrap from an online store, make sure they are provide instructions on how to use safely the wrap. Some advice from Product Safety Australia

Thankyou Baby Bath Milk

Baby Skin Care Products 

Most new babies love bath time. Having the right baby skin care products can be soothing on and relaxing and help form a routine. In the early weeks and months of life outside the womb, it is recommended to moisturise or massage new baby's skin. First-time parents might not have thought about this and having baby products derived from natural or organic ingredients on hand can be very handy.

Waterproof Baby Play Mat


Baby Play Mats 

Baby play time and tummy time are very important for a newborn development. Baby Play Mats are a must-have for a number of reasons; They product carpet from lots of little milky spews that happen in the early months of infancy. They provide a clean, dust or pet hair free area for a baby to practice tummy time. Good baby play mats are usually padded and machine washable and waterproof so they can be used for nappy off time.

Baby Teething Toys

Baby Teething Toys

Obviously newborns don't need teething toys from day one, however having toys that little hands and fingers can learn to grip is an excellent tool for developing fine motor skills. Once those little hands can hold anything, it typically goes in the mouth. Keeping little hands and mouths busy provide entertainment for babies and can be sanity savers for new parents. 

Baby Nappy Bags


Nappy Bags or Hospital Bag 

Most new parents will have more than one nappy bag, and if they don't, they should! Nappy bags are not simply handbags that you use for baby outings, they are specifically designed for the purpose of carry all the things you need when you leave the house. Forget make-up pouches and hair brushes, think change of clothes, milk bottles, snacks, anti bacterial wipes, bum wipes, nappies, nappies and more clothes. An excellent baby shower gift is a nappy bag with some essential items, like wraps, clothes and nappies. The expecting Mum can add other items she want to take with her to the hospital.

Baby Gift Card

Baby Gift Cards 

A lot of people think they impersonal however they are extremely practical. It provides parents to opportunity to buy what they don't have or something they really want. So don't be afraid to give something small to unwrap, accompanied with a gift card.


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