How to Hold a Virtual Baby Shower

How to Hold a Virtual Baby Shower

Amy Waterworth |

How to hold a virtual baby shower

When you find out you are expecting a baby, there are lots of things you will be looking forward to.  Telling your family, buying your first outfit, feeling the first kicks, choosing a pram and having a baby shower.

And suddenly everything has changed.  In person baby showers may no longer be possible, due to restrictions.  Rather than being upset about it, look at it from the positive side.  You can now invite your friends and family from ALL AROUND THE WORLD! Which is really exciting!

You may be surprised to know that virtual baby showers aren’t new.  They haven’t just come about due to COVID-19.  It’s just that they have become more popular since restrictions have entered our lives.  Due to our multi-cultural lifestyles, lots of us have friends and family who are overseas or interstate.  They have even been held online if the mother to be has been in hospital on bedrest for an extended period of time. 

So what is a virtual baby shower exactly?

A virtual baby shower is just like a normal baby shower, except it is held online.  Just like a normal baby shower, they can be held before the baby is born or after the baby arrives.  It can even be recorded for prosperity.  Imagine showing some of the clips on your child’s 18th birthday!

Let’s be honest, it won’t have the same vibe that a in person baby shower will have, but its far better than not having one at all.  And plus, we are all Zoom experts now right?

Online Games for virtual baby showers

Thanks to COVID, we are a lot more geared up to interact online.  There are numerous online games people can play.  You can even have online polls and various question asking games that everyone can participate in.

Of course, you can still do many of the traditional baby shower games such as baby bingo, guess the tune, baby name games, who is that baby, the price is right, baby alphabet game and many many more.  The advantage of having a virtual baby shower is you can pre organise a different person to host each game, which take a lot of the pressure off the host.

Catering for a virtual baby shower

Sadly, the one thing you can’t replicate online is food and drinks.  What you can do though is send your guests a couple of recipes for cocktails (or mocktails!) prior to the event, so they can prep it beforehand.  You could even send out some recipes for some easy dips etc.  Or if you are having a theme, you could provide some inspiration for some themed snack ideas.

Choosing a virtual baby shower theme 

While there is no need to go overboard decorating the whole house with your chosen theme, you can still have fun with an online theme.  Maybe all your guests have to wear a certain colour, or accessory (think of things like fake moustaches if you are having a boy, or flower crowns etc).  Or maybe they can all decorate their background with pink balloons and streamers.  

Regardless of how it is run, the most important thing is that YOU have fun.   Another bonus of the virtual baby shower is all you need is a nice top, as your guests won’t see that you are wearing your stretch maternity pants and no shoes on the bottom half!

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