Throwing A Baby Shower On A Tight Budget

Throwing A Baby Shower On A Tight Budget

Nicolette Harris |

When it comes to someone close to us we want to throw them the best party possible. After all having a baby is probably one of the biggest things that will happen in a person's life. However, having a huge lavish baby shower can blow out to a big budget. The most important part for a baby shower is that the mum-to-be has an amazing day and is made to feel special not the size of the budget. 

It is possible to throw a fantastic baby shower party on a tight budget by cutting back on nonessentials and taking some clever short cuts along the way. With years of experience in baby showers and baby supplies in Australia, Bespoke Baby offers some advice from veteran baby shower hostesses.

Save Money on a Baby Shower From the Get-Go

When planning a baby shower, it is really important to figure out a realistic budget right from the get go. Have a sit down with the mum to be and lay out a realistic party plan based around that budget. There will need to be some give and take on what is considered essential and non negotiable and what items can be left out or substituted.

At this stage, here are a few ways you can save significantly:

  • Throw a small shower - You don’t have to have tens of attendees at the party if you can’t afford (or don’t want) it. If different parties are being held, remove overlapping guests such as office colleagues. At best, have the list include only immediate family members and close friends.
  • Send digital invites instead of actual cards - Invitation and thank-you card for a baby shower can set you back hundreds if you’re not careful. Instead, call, email, or use the various social media platforms and invite apps such as Evite.
  • Time the party perfectly - If you host an evening party, guests expect at least a full meal. Instead, time it for early morning or late afternoon to cut down on expectations.

How to Save Money on Food for a Baby Shower

Taking up a massive 45% of the budget, food is the biggest culprit when it comes to expensive baby showers. From elaborate cakes to catering services, it is easy to go into the deep end on this one.

While you certainly don’t want your guests to go hungry and go away grumbling, there are a few ways to save money on food:

  • Have a potluck - a potluck is a party where every guest comes with some food or drink, everything is put together, and everyone shares everything. A potluck is a good idea if you know that the guests are dependable.
  • Have a simple cake - large, elaborate cakes cost money, which would be better spent elsewhere. Instead, stick to a simple cake without sacrificing taste and quality.
  • Build Your Own Bar - a build-your-own-bar can greatly reduce expense, effort, and time needed to host the party. You can have a taco bar, sandwich bar, sundae bar, and many other options.
  • Host a dry shower - this means no alcohol, or make it a bring-your-own-bottle shower. In this situation gauge what the mother-to-be wants about having alcohol being served or not. Some find it unfair to watch all her friends having a great time while she can’t drink and others tend tp not mind at all. Either way alcohol is expensive so choosing one of the above options can help drastically with the baby shower budget.  

Save Money on Venue and Decorations

It is easy to save money on the venue - simply have the shower in your home or that of one of the friends. You can also do it at a park or other venue where you don’t have to pay a lot of booking fees or do a lot of decorating.

Speaking of decorating, there are numerous options to keep things classy on a low budget. Here are some tips to help with saving on decorating: 

  • Visit a local market and pick up flowers that match with your theme, then use them for a fantastic centrepiece.
  • Use a venue that you don’t have to do a lot of decor for, such as a park.
  • Pick up things outside - flowers, potted plants, and other natural beauties for decor.
  • Make the centrepiece out of gifts - make your own or buy a nappy cake for the baby and other presents and pile them together to form a fun centrepiece.

Party Favours: Not Necessary

Although party favours are a nice idea they can end up causing you a lot of money. You don’t have to give favours, less than 50% of baby showers have favours for the guests. If you do intend on giving them choose creative ways to keep the costs down. Maybe you could make something personalised if you are a creative person or purchase from stores that have sample sizes of make up, skincare, body and bath products etc.

Party favours are especially not needed if you intent on giving prizes for games. Prizes for games again don’t need to be extravagant but just a token. Watch for local special offers on chocolates or lollies in the weeks leading up to the baby shower to grab a bargain.

Throwing a baby shower on a tight budget is possible and doable if you are practical as you do it. Saving money on the baby shower party means there is more money available to be spent on useful baby shower gifts. When choosing your baby shower gifts, shop one of the biggest catalogues Australia has to offer.