What To Wear To A Baby Shower?

What to wear to a baby shower?

Nicolette Harris |

Baby showers are all about the mum/parents-to-be having an amazing time with their close friends and family before the arrival of their baby.  It’s usually an exciting time for everyone. If you have never attended a baby shower before you may be asking yourself what should I wear to a baby shower? We are here to help answer that question.

The clothes you wear at a baby shower will be depend on a number of factors like the venue, time, and theme of the event. However, you should always aim for maximum comfort while looking fabulous at the same time. Here is what to wear at a baby shower, whether you’re the lucky mama, the host, or a guest.

Themed Baby Showers

If the baby shower has an official theme with a dress code, it becomes quite easy to get a matching outfit for the event. You can even pick out a matching baby gift hamper to show your team spirit.


Mama sets the rules, so she can wear pretty much anything she likes. Of course, comfort is key here. Loose, comfortable, and matching outfits for the baby showers will usually come in a maxi dress, motherhood shirts, a flowing kaftan, among a wide range of other options.


If you are attending a baby shower event with a specific dress code, do your clothes shopping ahead of time to avoid last-minute disappointments. If there is a theme but no official dress code, check in with other guests to see what they would be wearing, and make sure you remain in the general look.

Outdoor Showers

Outdoor showers are usually held in summer or warm autumn days, but it can also happen in winter and spring. You need to be prepared for changing weather. 


To keep the heat away, wear an off-the-shoulder chiffon dress, which you can complement with comfortable wedges or flats if you want to avoid heels at this stage in your pregnancy. Choosing lighter fabrics will help you stay cool and avoid getting uncomfortable if the weather heats up. Likewise, keep something warmer on hand in case it gets colder.


A baby shower held outdoors is usually more informal, so this is the perfect time to bring out your jeans and t-shirts. However, keep the heels at home - they will tend to sink in the grass unless they’re very chunky. Pumps, wedges, and boots are fine. 

Layer up as well, especially if the shower is held in temperamental seasons like autumn. Wear a long-sleeved sweater or cardigan that you can throw on and off on the fly. 

A sundress is also a great option: chic, decent, and easily accessorised. If you will be sitting in the sun a nice sun hat will keep the sun off your face and heat off your shoulders. 

Indoor (Private Residence) Showers

Indoor showers tend to be semi-formal, depending on the day they are held. The indoor venue can also be a restaurant or other external place, so if in doubt, check with your friends.


The mama to be can wear anything she feels is comfortable but will pass at an informal occasion. Maternity dresses are perfect for this setting, along with comfortable flats. Try not choose any outfits that will be uncomfortable to sit in for a long period of time so avoid belts and clothes that don’t offer enough support for your bump. 


Keep in mind that you will probably be sharing a sofa with other guests, so don’t wear anything too tight or too short. Jeans, skirts, shorts, dresses, pants, and everything in between will be acceptable if you wear it right and dress for the time and season.

However, also remember you might have to remove your shoes, so it’s wise to wear socks or have them on hand if your not comfortable in your bare feet. 

Formal and Semi-Formal Shower

Dressy showers are a common affair, especially when hosted by work colleagues or if attending a themed shower like a high tea. 


Many mamas to be like to take the opportunity to show off their baby bump at their baby shower especially if they have been in a work environment where their uniform may have hidden it previously. Choose something fitted or with a stretchy material to really show off your bump and air it with an nice pair of shoes. A maxi dress is also a wonderful, comfortable choice you can rock anywhere formal. A simple hand under your bump will show it off in photos. 


For a dressy baby shower, you can bring out a floral dress or fitted kaftan with glitzy accessories to balance things out. Try not to go too formal as the mama to be will be limited with her choices. Later in pregnancy insecurities can come to play and we want the mama to be to feel beautiful on this special day all about her. 

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