Top Ways To Care For Your Newborn’s Skin

Top Ways To Care For Your Newborn’s Skin | Blog | Bespoke Baby

Nicolette Harris |

Everyone knows a baby’s skin is one of the softest things on Earth. But as soft and beautiful as newborn skin is, it’s still important to properly care for it and prevent irritation and other problems from popping up down the line.

Because yes, your newborn baby does need a skin care routine, albeit their version looks a bit different than what mummy and daddy have. Here are a few great ways to care for your baby’s skin:

1. Have a Good Washing Routine

You don’t need to be bathing your newborn every single day. Warm water can lead to dry skin, which opens the possibility of skin irritation, which is not something anyone wants. So if your baby isn’t crawling yet and literally getting themselves dirty, you can keep bathing times a bit farther apart.

Instead of daily bath time, just gently wash the baby’s face, behind the neck and ears, and nappy area.

2. Use the Right Products

Your newborn baby has more sensitive skin, so using harsh soaps on it can lead to several skin conditions, even baby acne or cradle cap. Instead, opt for gentle, fragrance free formulas that have been designed to go on your baby’s skin.

The same goes for warm wipes. Be sure to opt for those that are fragrance free, and apply gentle pressure on your baby’s skin while using them.

3. Protect Their Skin from Sun Exposure

The Australian sun can be unforgiving, so it’s really important to protect the newborn’s skin from harsh UV rays.

Use a gentle SPF to protect the baby’s face and other exposed areas and pick clothes that can protect their little bodies from the sun. And as much as possible, limit their sun exposure, especially that to direct sunlight.

4. Prevent Diaper Rash

Frequent diaper changes can reduce the risk of the diaper rash, a skin problem that irritates babies and makes parents extremely concerned. Use warm water and baby wipes to clean your baby’s bottom, and let them air dry before you put on another diaper.

5. Choose the Right Clothing

You don’t just protect your newborn baby’s skin by using the right soaps or bathing your baby only when needed. The clothes they wear are just as important to protect them from skin irritation and other skin issues!

As much as possible, opt for natural fabrics that are breathable and are less likely to cause irritation, like 100% cotton. It’s a good idea to opt for bedding made of natural fibres as well.

Some natural fabrics like wool are too harsh for their skin, so opt for wool only as an outer layer!

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