What Should You Include in Your Custom Baby Hamper?

What Should You Include in Your Custom Baby Hamper?

Nicolette Harris |

A custom baby hamper is a great way to celebrate a new arrival and provide the new or expecting parents with items that they will need over the coming months. When creating a custom newborn baby gift or baby shower gift don't forget to add a little something for the new mum in the gift hamper as well.

Read on to get ideas on providing the best baby gifts basket or keepsake boxes or for both mum and baby.

Creating the Perfect Custom Baby Hamper 

It's fun to get carried away with mix and matching baby clothes. After all, who doesn't love seeing those tiny, yet fashionable outfits.

But you should think of practical gifts, rather than trendy ones. The cost of baby items can add up. Remember, new parents will need to constantly replenish some items, like diapers.

So consider the following when creating a customised baby gift:

  • Baby skincare items
  • Baby clothes
  • Books
  • Toys & Teethers
  • Self-care items for mum

Don't worry, shopping for these can be fun as well.

Baby Care Items

Baby care items will include anything used for the daily care of a newborn baby. These are items such as:

  • Nappies
  • Baby moisturiser
  • Nappy Rash cream
  • Baby oils
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby shampoo
  • Skincare products

Baby products cater to a baby's sensitive skin. But you might want to consider some organic items in the event the baby is highly sensitive.

You can also include bath essentials on this list. This can include hooded towels and bath cloths. Don't forget bottles, bibs, and pacifiers as well.

Baby Clothes

When buying baby clothes, you might feel the urge to get carried away. Everything seems so cute. Again, remember to be practical. 

A newborn doesn't need an extensive wardrobe. Practical items include rompers, onesies, socks, and booties. Remember, babies grow fast within the first few months. It's best to get a range of sizes.

You can add a few of the cute outfits as well. But buy them in larger sizes such as six months and older. 

Baby Hamper Ideas for a New Mum

A woman's body experiences many changes from pregnancy to birth. When her baby is born, a new mother doesn't get an extended period to recover. So any breaks or down-time from caring for her newborn, during the first few months after delivery are important.

Mum should use this time for self-care. So give her some encouragement with skincare items. Or anything that will make her feel pampered.

Here are some items for you Mum you might like to consider adding to your baby gift hamper:

  • Aromatic hand creams
  • Relaxing Bath Salts
  • Body scrubs
  • Chocolates

Other things that you might like to consider adding to a hamper are items that new a new Mum will definitely use but might not have thought of to buy herself are;

  • Nappy Bag
  • Nappy Clutch
  • Baby Carrier
  • Play Mats

Other Baby Items

Other baby items you can consider for your hamper can include books for the first year and beyond. It's never too early to build a child's library.

Plush toys are also a great option. But also give cautiously, as they're not good for babies with allergies. You may want to consider other toys such as:

  • Baby Shoes
  • Anything musical (not noise-making)
  • Mobiles for above the cot

Bath toys are also great for when the baby becomes more active in the bath.

Birth is a joyous occasion. It's a time to celebrate. A custom baby hamper is a perfect gift to present to an expectant mother at her baby shower. 

The best thing about creating your own custom hamper is that you can choose items you know the expectant mother will use and love. It is flexible way for you to spend as much or as little as you like.

The act of creating your own gift also shows the new parents that your gift is a truly thoughtful one designed just for them.