What Do You Buy For A Baby Shower Gift?

What Do You Buy For A Baby Shower Gift?

Nicolette Harris |

What Do You Buy For A Baby Shower Gift? 

Baby showers are such an exciting and fun day for everyone. Who's ovaries aren't going into meltdown when looking at beautiful baby clothes and oh so cute baby toys. Unfortunately, not everyone can hit the nail on the head when it comes to baby gifts and I have seen the occasional forced smile from a mum to be as it's obvious it's not something that aligns with her parenting choices.

For this very reason, we have put together some tips to help you have the mum to be swooning over the baby shower gift you bring. Plus with the simple tips, baby shower gift shopping will be a breeze and won’t have you pulling your hair out worrying over what to get.

Best Gifts for a Baby Shower

To start with, nappy cakes are a fixture at all baby showers. You might want to be the one bringing the cake, but make sure that not every other friend is bringing nappy cake as well. Nappy cakes are a beautiful addition to any baby shower but can be tricky to transport so one would more than suffice.

If the parents-to-be do not know or haven't disclosed the babies' gender things can be a bit tricky. After all, as cute as it may be a new mum may not want to put a gorgeous frilly pink dress on a boy so gift selection matters. An easy choice is baby gift hampers as the business has done all the hard work for you. They contain some essentials that any new parents are sure to need and packaged beautifully in a stylish hamper.

Even though babies are tiny they sure can make a big mess so newborn baby clothes. are always a good choice. It is good to air on the larger sizes if you are unsure of what size the baby will be. They go through a lot of clothes but they also grow quickly. Getting a range of sizes is a great way to cover all your bases.

Top Gift Ideas for a Boy’s Baby Show

If the parents-to-be have shared the gender of the baby and it is going to be a little prince you can start to be more gender-specific on the gift you choose. From adorable squeaky toys to cute boy’s clothing, the options for baby boy gifts are endless.

If you want to go one step further you can even purchase something personalised, this depends on whether your purchasing before babies' arrival or after. It is a nice idea to try and find out the dad-to-be interests and to purchase a baby shower gift inline with those interests. Dads can often get forgotten in the baby shower gifting thought process. 

What to Buy a Girl for a Baby Shower

If choosing a gift for a little princess you will be spoilt for choice. The boy moms know exactly what I’m talking about here. There always tends to be way more choice when it comes to baby girls' clothes, toys, and just all-round adorable gifts. However, baby girl shoes are a super adorable option when it comes to a baby shower gift. What is it about tiny baby feet that have us wanting to nibble on there cuteness? Plus what girl doesn't love shoes!


Rules of Baby Shower Gift Shopping

Also called baby shower gift etiquette, there is a set of rules that will help you handle the gift process like a pro. The first point is obviously that you gift something that the parents to be are planning on using. Avoiding certain things like pacifiers, baby bottles, and books focused on a certain parenting style is a good option. Every parent will choose their own way of doing things and will want to feel comfortable doing so.


Second, check the couple’s baby registry online, which is a list of items made by the parents-to-be of the items they would like to receive. Pick one and you’re done. If an item is out of your price range look at pairing up with a friend attending the baby shower to gift the item together.

Convenient Baby Shower Gift Shopping

Buying baby shower gifts is now easier than ever. With a simple scroll online, you can view the full catalogue of baby shower gifts and choose an appropriate one to suit your budget. Online shops are the best places to start even if your unsure of what to buy.


To begin with, you will have a large selection to choose from without having to spend the day walking through stores. You will not be limited to what is available in your area and you can shop a range of unique and creative gifts from the comfort of your own home. It also allows you to give amazing gifts such as subscriptions to be renewed monthly or annually.


Bespoke Baby is the top trending baby shower gift shop in Australia where our team and founders are constantly working to bring you the best, most unique ideas of presents to buy for a baby shower. As mums ourselves we have been on the receiving end and know what gifts will be well received by the parents-to-be.