6 Of The Best Baby Boy Gift Ideas

6 Of The Best Baby Boy Gift Ideas

Nicolette Harris |

So you’ve recently found out that your friend or family member is having a baby boy and are looking for ideas to make a special gift? 

With most parents choosing to reveal the gender of their expectant bub to family and friends, it certainly makes gift-giving to baby boys a much easier process.

The following are some baby boy gift ideas to help find your perfect something!

  1. Choose a theme and colour

Perhaps Mum or Dad have a favourite sports team or are fans of a particular pop culture show or movie. These additions show care for detail. 

Blue is the traditional colour most of us go-to for gift giving to newborn baby boys. However, did you know that it hasn’t always been the colour associated with boys? Pink was in fact, originally used in hospitals as a marker for a boy’s gender and blue was for girls! 

These days, however, blue is associated as a colour for boys and pink for girls. Yellow, green, soft reds and oranges are also perfect colours when choosing a gift for a baby boy if you’d prefer to steer away from more traditional colours. 

  1. Personalise it

Monogramming items have become quite popular in recent years, which is why personalised items can make for beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Some favourite items to make special are bibs, blankets and books.

There’s nothing more special than reading a book to a bub with their name as the main character. Expand your family or friends photo albums with a monogrammed photo album or baby book. 

  1. Wearable sleeping blanket.

Who doesn’t enjoy being wrapped up in a cosy and warm blanket for a nap? This is what makes this gift a practical and adorable gift for a baby boy.

Wearable sleeping blankets mean the baby can be tucked up with minimum fuss and can get straight to the lovely business of sleeping. 

  1. Colour themed cot mobiles

Cot mobiles provide entertainment to a wakeful baby and there are so many adorable cot mobiles to choose from. 

Think of a colour that would suit the new baby’s environment. For example, a musical mobile can help lull a sleepy baby back to sleep as well as providing exciting visual stimulation. 

  1. A soft best friend baby boy gift idea

Never underestimate the adorable quality a soft teddy bear can bring to a baby boy during play and cuddle time. A teddy with soft material for fur will provide a tactile comfort to newborn babies and one-year-olds alike. 

A small to medium-sized plush will be the perfect accompaniment to a baby’s room and a much-appreciated baby boy gift idea. 

  1. A nappy bag for even the manliest man. 

When bub and dad go out for an adventure, a colour neutral nappy backpack can come as a perfect gift. 

While mum has a nice relaxing nap, dad can shoulder a sturdy backpack filled with baby’s essential items.