Baby Boy Bibs

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Practical Bandana Baby Boy Bibs 

A healthy baby boy often makes a mess of his clothes as he learns to eat or chews on his teether. While you will be happy to clean it, using a baby boy bib can make your day easier. Here at Bespoke Baby, we have a range of baby boy bibs in different sizes, shapes, and styles for your little prince. We have all the baby items you need for a fast-growing baby.  You will find bandanna bibs, and baby burp cloth shipped directly to you from Australia, so you’ll get your product in no time!

Comfortable Newborn Baby Boy Bibs

We offer baby boy burp cloths that are made of highly absorbent material that is designed to take up moisture before it penetrates to baby clothing. These bibs come with a slight gap between the front and back panels to slow down moisture penetration. They also have pleats to collect the excess drool. 

These baby bibs are also designed for safety. They fit snugly around the baby’s neck but not to stretch tight such as to cause discomfort or become a safety hazard. The bibs are adjusted using fasteners that tie at the back such that the baby cannot remove them easily. 

100% Quality, And 100% Machine Washable Baby Boy Bibs

These baby boy bibs and burp clothes are machine washable.  Your work will be easier even as your baby goes through several bibs in a day especially when they begin feeding on solid food.  These bibs can be reused and washed frequently without damaging their integrity. 

All of our baby bibs are designed for comfortability and quality, so they’re long lasting and will keep your little boy happy and smiling!