Baby Girl Moccasins and Soft Soled Shoes

There are few feelings that can beat seeing your little one finally move off on her own, spreading chaos and happiness around the house.  Bespoke Baby has a collection of baby footwear to protect her little feet as she makes these first steps or to dress up an outfit and protect tiny toes from the elements.

At Bespoke Baby, we offer a range baby girl’s shoes for the early stages of growing feet. We have soft soles, pre-walkers, first walkers, infant booties as stylish additions to any outfit. Buy baby girl shoes in Australia so your baby girl dresses up just like the little princess she is. 

Exciting designs to create adorable outfits

We have a collection of baby girl shoes you will love.  You can pick from Sherpa boots, crochet boots, baby sneakers with rubber soles, soft sole boots and a good variety of baby socks.

We also have the cutest baby moccasin boots, with cute girly pinks, blues, and polka dots. Your baby’s girl’s feet will always be covered in our adorable footwear. Why not pair your wee girl shoes with the most comfortable and durable baby girl clothes

Shoes for growing feet   

Our collection of baby shoes is thoughtfully designed to hold your baby's feet in the correct position as the bones grow and set. Baby feet are malleable and easily shaped by rigid shoes.  Our shoes are perfectly designed for growing feet. 

There are crochet booties and super flexible fabric baby girl moccasin boots to protect your baby’s feet as she gets her first feel of solid ground. We also have a collection of soft upper leather and soft suede to protect your baby’s little feet as she takes her fits steps.  The soft materials allow the baby’s feet to develop naturally. The shoes are elasticated to help stay on as the baby becomes more active. 

If you have any questions about sizes, styles or anything else, please reach out to our helpful customer service team.

Gifts for baby girl 

Bespoke Baby’s collection of baby girl footwear is very good for gifting ideas. Whether it is Christmas or the little princess's first birthday, you have a perfect gift. Enjoy our fast and reliable Australia wide shipping.