4 DIY Baby Gift Ideas To Save Your Pennies

4 DIY Baby Gift Ideas To Save Your Pennies

Amy Waterworth |

4 DIY Baby Gift Ideas To Save Your Pennies

When a family member or a friend has a baby, gifts are always a beautiful way to show you care and to mark the special occasion of a new baby. 

However, a lot of newborn baby hampers that are advertised can be far beyond a lot of people’s ideal budget. 

Below are some collections of pocket-friendly DIY baby gifts, even for those who don’t feel naturally gifted when it comes to doing it yourself

1. DIY Growth Charts

Marking your baby’s growth has been practised in many households for years. When your child grows up and comes back to the family home it can be an exercise of the heart to look at their growth throughout their younger years. 

A DIY growth chart can make a great DIY newborn gift,  all you’ll need is a straight cut of wood measuring 1.8 meters, a dark marker, some paint and imagination! Growth charts save walls and are easily transported! 

2. DIY Yarn Wrapped Letters

This one is a quick and fun project that can be done even by the most DIY shy person. Head to your local craft store and pick out some woodcut letters, as well as choosing some coloured acrylic yarn. 

If you’re gifting to a boy, yellow, blue, and green are perfect combinations and for a girl, pink, white and purple are some beautiful choices! The end result of yarn wrapped letters will look exceptional in a new baby’s room or on their bedroom door. 

3. DIY Baby Shower Gift Basket

A gift basket is always appreciated, especially if it’s been hand-picked with the gift receiver in mind.

A baby shower is a perfect event to gift your own DIY gift basket. First, you’ll need to choose your basket, then consider what you’ll put into the vessel. For basket ideas head to your local craft or retail store. 

A bath themed gift basket can be easy to make up, but try to include items such as baby-safe bubbles, vibrant bath toys or a hooded towel wrap. Consider a snuggly element to your gift baskets such as a teddy or a soft blanket to line the basket. Finish it off with a baby essential, a sippy cup, a pacifier or even something like a soft book. 

4. Sew It DIY Newborn Gifts

If sewing is your forte, there are a great many options for DIY baby gifts. From burp cloths, sun hats, handmade bibs or a cover for a stroller, you can provide a practical gift whilst sticking to your budget.

Head to your local craft store for some inspiration on fabric and patterns, but make sure to choose a cotton fabric, as cotton is breathable, absorbent and soft for newborn baby’s skin. 

Special Baby Gift Ideas

DIY baby gifts are truly special. There’s no better way to describe them.

They can show your love, care and attention to detail while allowing you to express creativity.  All while being that little bit kinder to your wallet.