How To Make Baby Girl Themed Nappy Cakes

How To Make Baby Girl Themed Nappy Cakes

Amy Waterworth |

How To Make Baby Girl Themed Nappy Cakes

Deciding what gifts to give can be an overwhelming task, especially for a newborn baby. Nappy cakes provide an elegant and practical solution to gift-giving stress. 

We’ve put some ideas together to help you create a beautiful and thoughtful gift for a perfect newborn baby girl. 

Find out how to make baby girl themed nappy cakes by following our simple guide below. 

1. The Essentials

A baby girl nappy cake isn’t complete without some basic essentials such as soft muslin wraps, newborn nappies, burp cloths, socks and a soft toy for extra comfort.  Any of these are great and simple additions to your baby girl nappy cake. 

Consider your colours when choosing items. Neutrals and soft pastels are both pleasing to the eye and popular colour choices for newborn babies. For a more specific baby girl nappy cake, a pink or soft yellow are excellent colour choices. 

2. Bath Themed Baby Girl Nappy Cakes

A bath themed baby girl nappy cake can be made with some simple steps. First a hooded towel for a warm post-bath cuddle, some baby-safe bubbles for some in bath entertainment and some high-quality massage oil to help keep the baby's skin soft and supple. 

Don’t forget some colourful bath toys to help keep the baby entertained and of course, some comfortable nappies that will keep a freshly bathed baby dry and warm. 

3. Centrepiece For Mum

Amongst the soft snuggles of toys and blankets, something special tucked in for mum would be a perfect addition to your baby girl nappy cake! Some sparkles to enjoy at a later date can go down a treat. 

Not a sparkling fan? Perhaps a soothing face mask and a foot bath bomb or some chocolates. Mum is going to need some “me” time, after all! 

4. A Snuggly Element 

Everything about a newborn baby is soft. We even talk softly around those tiny newborn ears. Adding a soft and snuggly element to your baby girl nappy cake will not only look gorgeous but will help provide soft cuddles and a comforting presence for a newborn baby. 

Consider a fleece or a tactile velvet blanket, rolled up and tucked into the back of your nappy cake.  A teddy perched on top can be a nice alternative to a blanket and a wonderful companion to a newborn baby. 

5. A Simple, Uncluttered Design For Maximum Effect. 

To make your newborn baby girl nappy cake, you’ll want to keep it as simple as possible. Overcrowding your cake can be an overwhelming present so stick to a few high-quality items, rather than many lower quality items. 

A less is more approach doesn’t mean your nappy cake will be boring or dull, it ensures that the nappy cake isn’t crammed full of items and can be easily accessible for mum or dad.  

Be sure to choose some high-quality items for your nappy cake and no doubt it will wow.