5 Gifts For New Parents That Are Usable

5 Gifts For New Parents That Are Usable

Amy Waterworth |

5 Gifts For New Parents That Are Usable

Consider being a parent of a newborn for a moment, think of the items that will be gifted during this special time, teddies and toys that won’t be used for months. 

So, what are some usable newborn baby gifts that can provide immediate help for parents of a newborn baby?  

Practical and usable gifts are always welcome, especially when a new baby is involved!

1) Swaddle wraps for a snug the baby 

A velcro baby swaddle wrap takes the stress out of getting the muslin wrap just right to stay snug all night long. Swaddle wraps feature strategically placed velcro patches to to hold the swaddle in place. 

New Mum's don't know what they are missing out on until they use a swaddle wrap. Gifting a swaddle wrap to a new Mum will make her life just that little easier and less stressful when getting bub ready for sleep time

2) Muslin Wraps

Muslin wraps are a necessity for a new baby because they help regulate temperature. They are light and flexible, which can ensure a snug swaddle for a comfortable sleep. 

Muslin wraps come in a vast array of colours and patterns, making them a beautiful and practical newborn baby gift.

3) Baby Skin Care Products

Bath time for babies can be a fun experience! Warm water can help soothe a newborn, so what else is more perfect baby skin care products. The right skin care products such as lavender bath wash and Sudocrem can become a go to for new parents. 

Specially formulated baby skin care products help keep newborn skin soft and rash free. 

4) Padded playmats for tummy time / nappy off time

Babies grow quickly, meaning that some gifts can be given with future use in mind. A newborn baby won’t be needing "tummy time" immediately but in a few weeks to months, they will. Which make baby play mats such a usable gift. 

There are many different types, look for ones that are easy to clean, are soft enough for the baby to feel comfortable on and mats that roll up have extra usable points! 

5) Nappy Bags for all essential outings.

Taking a newborn baby out for the first time can be a stressful and draining process for parents. Not just making sure that the baby is secure and warm, but also remembering to pack all the possible necessities that newborn babies might need during the exciting adventure into their new world. 

A nappy bag provides compact space for all the small and big items needed, making it a perfect newborn baby gift. Nappy bags can come in so many different sizes and colours that there will sure to be a perfect one for every parent.

Ask for some guidance on newborn baby gifts

It’s becoming increasingly harder to find practical gifts that parents will need when a baby is born, as lots of expecting parents will purchase practical items themselves.

With this in mind, asking the gift receivers what they will need can help you decide on a more usable baby gifts and one that is appreciated by both parents and baby! 

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