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4 Unique Baby Birthday Gift and Party Ideas for a First Birthday

July 03, 2020

4 Unique Baby Birthday Gift and Party Ideas for a First Birthday

Your baby's first birthday is a milestone most parents will never forget, yet the preparation and planning for a first birthday can make for a stressful time for parents. 

We’ve put together some baby birthday gift and party ideas to help ease that party planning stress.

Below are some adorable unique first birthday party ideas. 

  1. To theme or not to theme?

First, consider if it will be a large or a small celebration. Will there be other babies coming, how about mums and dads, or will it be a smaller family event to be enjoyed quietly? 

Whether big or small, you can throw a fantastic first birthday party that no one will forget. Just remember that a theme can always help direct your ideas once they start to flow.

  1. Storybook time

Books are a fantastic way to engage new babies with so many colourful pages, alongside mum or dad's voice to bring the pictures to life. Flip through the pages of a favourite book and plan the party around the book. 

Channel the colours you find into the food you serve and the cake and emulate the characters through creative decorations and food centrepieces

  1. Movie or T/V first birthdays

If books aren’t something that intrigues your almost one-year-old, consider a favourite TV program or move that enthrals your small one.

Costumes can be found through party stores and can be a fun element to the celebration. Take inspiration from the movie and let your imagination run wild.

  1. Musical birthdays

Music is said to be an essential part of a baby’s early development, anyone who has watched a baby boogie away to a favourite tune knows that there’s nothing sweeter than a baby enjoying music. A musical first birthday can be fun for adults and young ones combined. 

You may also wish to consider whether the celebration will have themed gifts or not. Not everyone will know what to gift for the first birthday, some fantastic first birthday ideas can be shared by the host to the invitees.

Final thoughts on baby birthday gift ideas for a first birthday party 

As babies move into their first year of life, they begin to take more notice of the world around them. Their little hands and fingers practice grabbing and holding a lot more and this is why tactile baby birthday gifts can be perfect for one-year-olds. 

Puzzles, soundboards, interactive storybooks and interactive toys can help facilitate the new motor skills that one-year-olds are trying out for the first time. 

Gifts that promote creativity can be perfect for a one-year-old. Think giant crayons, age-appropriate musical instruments and stackable blocks.  All can be perfect for toddlers. There is a long list of thrifty shops to help make buying gifts easy

Lastly, for a memorable first birthday, make sure you relax and enjoy the day. Your one year old may not remember the party but you and your loved ones will. Fill the day with lots of laughs, snuggles, joy and photos.

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