5 Baby Shower Themes For Twins Boy And Girl

5 Baby Shower Themes For Twins Boy And Girl

Nicolette Harris |

Imagine the joy and fun of planning a shower for a boy or girl, then multiply that by two. You get twice the fun, twice the excitement, and of course, twice the budget. You don’t get to plan a baby shower for twins that often, so it is a very special and unique moment.

Planning a baby shower for twins is a lot of work and there aren’t many ideas available, so we will help you out with a few unique baby shower themes for twins - boy and girl.

Twins Baby Shower Themes

1) ‘Son of a gun, there’s more than one!’

This is probably how the happy couple felt when they first heard the news they were expecting twins. This cowboy-themed baby shower for twins will have everyone having fun.

Think about bandanas, boots, leathers, and any other Western theme you can squeeze into the party. This theme gives you a lot of creative freedom, from the games you play to the costumes people wear. Bandanas are a great accessory for decorating by tying them together into a banner or making a bandana centrepiece.

2) ‘Holy ship, we’re having 2!’

The same basic reasoning applies here, only this time around you get to be sailors instead of cowboys. One creative decor idea is to have a ship-shape centrepiece made of rolled-up diapers instead of a nappy cake.

Apart from having guests dressed as sailors and maybe a seafood menu, you can add lots of ships, boats, and anchors decor to the venue to make a truly nautical-themed party. A theme like these can even be extended to fun wall art for the nursery. This theme is especially a great one to choose if the parents are going with a nautical theme for the nursery. Decorations from the shower party can be used later as nursery decor.

3) Mario and Luigi

If the parents-to-be are gamers, they will love this theme. Mario and Luigi are Nintendo characters who also appear in lots of TV arcade, and computer games. A retro look for the decor with red and green colours and Italian food for the menu will complete the theme.

In the game, Mario powers up by eating foods like doughnuts, bananas, yoghurt, mushrooms, milk, apples, and more. He and his brother Luigi work to rescue Princess Peach from the castle of the evil Bowser … I’m sure the gears in your head are already turning. You can do a lot with this theme. Keep in mind though that themes such as this one can turn out to be on the higher end of the budget with Nintendo items being quite costly unless you are prepared to get creative and diy the decorations yourself.

4) Boy/Girl Themed Shower

If you prefer more classic themes, there are a lot of ways you can host a boy/girl baby shower party. You can transform it into a prince/princess with blue and pink colour themes, superhero themes with lots of costumes, or even a simple ‘Mates’ theme.

For a boy/girl of undisclosed gender, you can have a ‘two peas in a pod’ theme, ‘Noah’s Ark’ theme with lots of animals, or ‘Double the Trouble.’ You just take an idea and roll with it, that’s how to make great baby shower themes for twin boy and girl a success.

5) Tea for Two

If you want a simple baby shower idea for twins without a lot of effort or budget considerations, how about Tea for Two? Just time the party perfectly for late morning or late afternoon and add tea. The high tea theme is definitely an emerging theme for baby showers. With beautiful presented finger foods, sweet treat paired with fancy teas and fine china, you can have a twins baby shower theme party people will remember. Plus its a nice excuse to get all dressed up for a bit of a fancy affair. 

As you explore these and other unique baby shower themes for twins boy and girl parties, remember you will also need twice the baby shower gifts. For a convenient and affordable baby shower gift shopping experience, you can always count on Bespoke Baby online baby shop in Australia to deliver all your needed supplies reliably and promptly.