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7 Unique Baby Shower Themes To Consider

November 06, 2020

7 Unique Baby Shower Themes to Consider

A baby shower is a beautiful celebration of your new baby.  Every baby is special and deserves to be celebrated.  Celebrate the uniqueness of your new baby by stepping away from the common themes, such as blue and pink or superheros and unicorns and choose a theme that will make your baby stand out right from the start.

Thankfully, there are some fresh, trending baby shower themes you can adopt that probably no one in your neighbourhood or friend circle has heard of yet. 

Here are seven unique baby shower themes to consider

1. Peach and Mint

The classic pink and blue may be exhausted, but colours aren’t. if you aren't into bright colours, a peach and mint baby shower can be incredibly fun and versatile, and you can also use the same themes to decorate the nursery. It is even perfect for those who don’t know the gender yet, or even for twins.   Think of coordinating garlands in peach and mint, interspersed with balloons and pom-poms.  

2. Doughnut Sprinkle

Nobody needs an excuse to bring bright colours or eat a doughnut, but this theme is especially suited for the two. There are tons of doughnut-themed decorations available in party shops. For this theme, you can stick with neutral colours or go all out with festive colours. Plus it will make the catering easy! 

3. Rustic Chic

If you are keeping the gender a surprise, then rustic chic is the way to go.  Keep things interesting and unique by blending rugged wooden tones and beautiful flowers for an overall warm, earthy, calming theme that your guests will compliment you on.

3. Bohemian Bonanza

The ‘boho-chic’ trend is blazing around fashion and home decor, so it’s not a wonder that it has found a place in baby showers. You can bring this out with boho-themed food, decor, and of course, a bohemian dress code.  

A Bohemian Bonanza would work for a surprise gender, or a boy or girl.  Bohemian themes include elements of nature and traditional colourful prints such as animal motifs and Aztec prints. The options for a boho baby shower theme are endless.

5. Bun in the Oven

This theme is absolutely fun to try out. It may not be as original, but not a lot of people use it because they think it is cheesy. But that is not so.

The theme itself is immensely versatile and works perfectly with any colour. The only requirement is to have a dessert table laden with pastries, not to mention lots of buns. Mom and Dad could even wear Chefs hats!

6. Apple of My Eye

This is another baby shower theme that has been drawn directly from common euphemisms. It basically means that someone is very precious to you, as in, ‘she’s the apple of my eye.’ You can turn it into a fun baby shower theme with lots of earthy colours and greens. Perfect for earth-conscious parents and for gender-neutral parties.  And again, having a food theme makes catering a breeze.

7. Confetti

Which party doesn’t have confetti? If you plan to have kids around, this is the perfect them to use. Have lots of bright colours, sweet confectionery, and confetti to throw around. It adds a fun pop to the party that few baby shower parties usually have.

The fun doesn’t have to stop once the baby shower is over. These fun and unique baby shower themes can be extended to nursery decorations through fun wall art and decorations.  

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