What To Do At Baby Showers Instead of Games?

What To Do At Baby Showers Instead of Games?

Nicolette Harris |

For many people, especially those without kids, baby shower games are not their cup of tea. Baby shower games are designed to be fun but for some it is awkward and embarrassing to take part. If this is the case, you maybe asking yourself what to do at a baby shower instead of games?

With a bit of creativity, you can host a fabulous baby shower without having people participate in games. The secret is to make things practical and adult, so here are some ideas to keep the baby shower going without any games.

1. Book Signing

Instead of cards, have guests bring books and preferably write something inspiring or a special note to the expectant baby on the front cover, back cover, or one of the pages. Not only will this have people discussing their books of choice at the party, but they will also be a wonderful treasure of wisdom and knowledge for the coming baby. Years later, they will be able to appreciate and treasure the special words written in the books. 

2. Nappy Raffle

To have a nappy raffle you will need to include a message with your invitation, or you can send it as a separate message later to let your attendees know so they can be prepared.

What happens is that the host (or mum-to-be) sets out a grand prize, maybe a ticket to a spa or a gift voucher... Everyone that chooses to participate in the raffle brings a packet of diapers or wipes and gets a raffle ticket upon arrival. The winner gets the grand prize. You can give it a bit of a twist by awarding the most creative nappy cake presented as well.

Even if you spend $100 on the grand prize, the mom to be is guaranteed at least three times that amount in diapers and wipes. Usually, she ends up being gifted the prize as well. 

3. Backyard Barbecue

You don’t have to follow a traditional format when holding a baby shower. An outdoor shower can be held poolside, or you can have a barbecue with steaks, sausages, tacos, and lots of other fun eats to make sure the mom and guests have a blast.

This idea also works perfectly well if you prefer to have a coed shower. The ladies and gents will love the idea and it becomes a great opportunity to celebrate the expectant arrival together as a couple.

4. Nursery Decoration

If you are hosting a small shower party with friends and family, there may not even be enough people to play games with. Instead, you can get the creative juices flowing by having the guests create amazing wall art which the mum can use later to decorate the nursery.

There are many ways you can achieve this:

  • Purchase wooden alphabet blocks and canvas. The guest can then make up inspiring texts and images with glue for the mum to hang up later.
  • Buy paint brushes and canvas. You can also print some nice pictures to inspire your guests, and have them paint something for the nursery wall.
  • If you trust your guests with a paintbrush, why not have the party at the mum’s house and they actually decorate the nursery?

5. Pearls of Wisdom

If you have guests who do not know each other very well, you can have them talk to the mother individually over the course of the party and maybe offer tidbits of advice, encouragement, or simply introduce themselves and say something nice. The mom will appreciate the chance to interact with all her guests, and it will give guests the opportunity to get to know one another a little more.

6. Guess the Baby Food

You might think this game is easy.. We all know what apple puree tastes like, however baby foods are becoming more and more adventurous in the flavour combinations. Think beyond store bought baby food. So some research and find what new Mum's feed their bubs and make it yourself. One of my kids loved mashed avocado and banana - together!

So as you can see there are many other options of things to do at a baby shower instead of playing games. These ideas will keep your guests having fun while doing something nice for the mom to be. You can write inspirational quotes and messages on baby clothes like onesies and use them to make an onesie banner. You can take the chance to make baby food in a sort of competition and award the winner. There really isn't a wrong way to have a shower party as long as the mum to be is catered for and has a great time. 

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