7 Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For Boys

7 Baby Shower Decoration ideas for boys

Nicolette Harris |

Finding out your baby is a boy is a moment you will never forget. And what better way to celebrate than with a baby shower for your ‘little man’. Share the joy of your little boy and invite your friends and family to celebrate in style with any of these stylish baby shower decoration ideas for boys.
There are countless ways to honour your baby with the following baby shower decoration ideas for boys. Here are a few ideas to try out.

1. Baby-Q

Have a unique and fun Baby-Q to welcome your little boy. This theme is best for outdoor baby showers. Enjoy a relaxed, barbecue-based event with lots of BBQ themed food and drinks. Add in some gingham party favours and you have a complete Baby-Q for your little boy. Continue the gingham colour palette for decoration ideas.

2. Safari

Boys can be pretty wild, as the parents-to-be will soon find out. You can bring out this aspect with a safari-based baby shower theme with ideas straight from the savannah. Rich golds and deep greens are the colour codes for this theme, which you can spice up with lots of animal pictures, framed art, and animal carvings if you can find them.

Elephants, lions, giraffes, and buffaloes are some of the animal inspirations for a safari party.
Continue the Safari theme on into the nursery with some great wall art. You can get unique, highly creative and affordable wall art for the kid’s nursery decorations from Bespoke Baby Australia. Bespoke Baby Australia is one of the best and biggest online baby supply stores in Australia. We can ship anywhere in Australia upon request.

3. Little Man

You have probably attended a moustache-themed baby shower party in your time, and there’s a reason this classic idea hasn’t washed out yet. This is a creative and fun theme and has a lot of room for play.

Some colours for this theme are blue, white, and silver in various combinations. Have all the guests wear fake moustaches and you are guaranteed for lots of laughter during the party.

4. Baby Ahoy!

A nautical-inspired party is a perfect way to ahoy the much loved baby boy. By using the classic palette of the sea with white and blue colours you can easily turn a room or your back garden into the ocean.

For the decor, you can have boats in bottles, model sailboats, and colourful banners to welcome the guests. A nautical-themed party is one of Bespoke Baby Australia’s favourite baby shower decoration ideas for boys.

5. Royal Prince

Finding out your incoming bundle of joy is a little prince with a royal moment for sure! So it is fitting that he is welcomed as such. The options for this theme are wide and varied, and you can even get the guests to wear fake crowns and tiaras to welcome the royal baby.

You can extend this theme with classic crown centerpieces, garlands of balloons, and of course, a princely cake. Princes go hand-in-hand with royal gifts, so be sure to pick a unique and memorable baby boy shower gift here.

6. Wild and Free

A wild savanna party has nothing on a wilderness-themed Wild-n’-Free baby shower party. With decor ideas consisting of succulents like cacti and cute wild animals, you can truly wish the incoming warrior the wild and free spirit that is the mark of a man of the world.

The colours to go with this theme are orange and turquoise. You can also add stripes, arrows, earthy browns, and anything else to add a touch of the wild.

7. Heaven-Sent

Baby boys are little angels sent from heaven. You can celebrate this theme with soft white clouds, blue colour themes, and fresh white flowers. This theme works particularly well when held outdoors on a clear day.

Celebrating a baby boy is a unique and rewarding experience. We hope that you find inspiration in our list of baby shower decoration ideas for boys. If you have trouble finding a perfect centrepiece, a nappy cake will do for most of these baby boy shower ideas. You can get the perfect nappy cake from Bespoke Baby online shop, and have them delivered anywhere in Australia.