7 Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For Girls

7 Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For Girls

Amy Waterworth |

A precious baby girl on the way is a lovely reason to get in touch with the inner little girl that lives in all of us. How else do you celebrate the little princess except with cute baby shower?

You don’t have to spend a fortune to throw a baby girl themed shower party. These baby shower decorating ideas for girls will start you off on the right path.

1. Little Birds

Lots of birds, cupcakes, birdhouses and tree branches will set the scene for a heavenly baby shower. This idea is perfect for an outdoors baby shower event with lots of lush green plants and maybe a few real birds to make it authentic. 

Other fun bird decorations could be framed pictures, and even a bird soundtrack for the party. The decor for this party can also serve as adorable wall art nursery decorations. 

2. Roses

You know the little rhyme ‘roses are red …’ Roses and princesses are natural beaus, so this is a perfect theme for a precious little girl on the way. It’s also a perfect chance to treat the expectant mother like a princess. 

To bring out the theme, pink and white colours are the way to go with pink bows and pretty flowers for the decor. Add some raspberry tarts, iced cookies, and pink lemonade to top it all off. 

3. Tea Party

Can you think of anything more girly than a tea party? Probably not! This is the perfect theme to celebrate some girl-time and show some girl-love to the little princess on the way. 

For this theme, you will need lace, rosebud prints, fancy teacups, and of course, a beautiful pink cake. A well-crafted nappy cake can serve as a practical and inexpensive centrepiece for this theme.

4. Unicorns and Rainbows

How we wish life could be all unicorns and rainbows. We can pass on such well-meaning wishes to the new girl on the block with a unicorn and rainbow-themed party.  This magical theme can be fulfilled with balloons, flowers, and golden hues.

For the food, sweets and treats will help complete the fantasy of a sweet carefree life for the baby girl.

5. Wild Girl

Wild baby shower decoration ideas for girls are great for celebrating girl power and the spirit of adventure. One such theme is a desert-themed baby shower set with succulents, tiny cacti, ferns, desert cacti, and rustic wooden boxes. 

If you want to give party favours to your guests, the tiny potted cacti used as part of the decor will have a two-fold advantage.

6. Silver and Lace

Gold, silver and diamonds are the marks of pricelessness. Lace adds a touch of delicateness and old-world timelessness. Combine the two and you have a classic and adorable baby shower party idea for girls. 

You can add crystalware to set the background as well as silverware utensils, lace fabric decorations, and candles to complete the look. This theme will likely inspire some precious baby shower gifts for the lucky girl as well.

7. Oh, Deer!

Baby girls+baby animals = cuteness overload. This fun theme is a simple baby shower decoration for girls for which you will only need to spend minimum dollars with maximum effect.

To achieve this theme, blend crisp white florals with woody tones, then add silver and minty greens. You can also have mason jars filled with cute candies as a sweet party favour for your guests to take home.

These baby shower decoration ideas for girls will ensure a fun day is had by all.

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